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10 Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid [Webcast]

10 Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid [Webcast]

Joe Anderson invites special guest Nicole Newman, Esq. to discuss the ten most common estate planning mistakes she comes across as an estate planning attorney.

Important Points

(00:55) Mistake #1: Dying Intestate

(01:38) Mistake #2: Having an “I Love You” Will

(02:20) Mistake #3: Owning Real Property Jointly

(04:07) Mistake #4: Giving Property Outright to Heirs

(15:45) Mistake #4: Other Options

(17:55) Mistake #5: Not Having the Right Trust

(18:50) Mistake #6: Not Funding the Trust Properly

(19:54) Mistake #7: Not Updating Your Estate Plan

(21:00) Mistake #8: Doing It Yourself

(21:40) Mistake #9: Believing a Trust Alone is Enough

(24:40) Mistake #10: Believing the Biggest Enemy is … Uncle Sam

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