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10 Criminals Who Got Away Because They Had A Good Lawyer

10 Criminals Who Got Away Because They Had A Good Lawyer

10 Criminals Who Got Away Because They Had a Good Lawyer
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Hey Aluxers, a while back we did a video on the richest lawyers and that video sparked our curiosity. We looked around for people who were widely regarded as criminals but got away because they had a good lawyer.

So we dug around and put together this top 10. This video is meant to shine a light on the fact that while good people use their fortunes to better themselves and those around them, bad people use them to escape the law.

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In this video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Who is the best lawyer in the world?
Who are some criminals that got away because they had a good lawyer?
Who was OJ Simpson’s lawyer?
Who is the best celebrity lawyer?
Did Kim Kardashian’s Father Helped O J Simpson?
How to get away with murder?
What makes a good lawyer?
How much is an expensive lawyer?

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  • -

    Hey Aluxers, please remember that not only good people can be rich and the bad ones will use their acquired wealth to walk away untouched! Do you know anyone in your country that got away with a crime?

  • Marahall Valesquez -

    You forgot about Columbus,and his boat load of thugs,and convicts, and the caucassain savages who enslaved ,and muderex,sodomized 400billion of Gods ppl..but nobody served any jail time😲, and all were gility, ( THY SHALL NOT KILL..GODS.. LAW.).Boy how fast we forget

  • Amazingme -

    Yes 75$ could go to a nice fancy dinner with a friend!

    EDIT: holy shit so i thought the next part was some outro thing bc i figured she forgot to say “million” and moved on but then she acc reiterates that it was only 75 dollars I almost fell of my seat that cannot be real omfg

  • Cisco4kid1990 -

    And these almost all fucking celebrities so people don't want to see them locked up smh the ones who got of people they don't know are real great lawyers and they are the best having fucking stupid jury let them off doesn't mean the lawyer was great it means they are above the law

  • Cisco4kid1990 -

    I could have been a great lawyer in Chicago I almost went to lawyer school but not having a family life changed my mind and now I don't even have that becasue of the mother of my child smh

  • Bogdan Rosan -

    In Europe it's against the law to presume somebody guilty unless proven so by final decision ruled by a Court. Even more when a court dismisses all allegations.

  • Kunde -

    Wow the makers of this video clearly have a very racist viewpoint on people. 7/10 people you chose out of this video were black. Seriously?! This is really saddening… Thanks…

  • Tajmar Jackson -

    This is racist shit, how comes you never cover the white racist like Zimmerman among others who got off scotch free, and how the never show the harsh crimes whites white commits

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