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Hope you all enjoyed my law school vlog. I wanted to show you all a day in the life of a law clerk as I take you all with me to my legal internship. Summer jobs are an important part of law school so i’m happy to finally be able to show you all a little bit of my law clerkship. I also got a new car which i’m so excited about, so no more uber… for a while at least, Comment below any videos you would like to see.

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47 Comments - Leave a Comment
  • Jasmine Stacey -

    Did you buy or lease a car? Can you do a video about getting the car with a law school budget? That would help I’m trying to figure that out myself since working is not an option…

  • Nierra Smith -

    Did your law school require you to take a leave of absence for 2 semesters in order to complete your MBA? My school requires that and I'm trying to see if that is normal. Thanks

  • Legally Afro -

    Hey Timaiah girl! This is "modernsoulsista" lol. I told you that I was going to be creating a new channel to document my law school journey too! So here it is lol. Thanks so much for the inspo and motivation!

    If anybody wants to see another bomb and brilliant law school girl boss then ya'll check out my channel 🙂

  • me myself -

    Thank you so much for sharing your daily routine and inviting a stranger into your journey! I like your planner! Congratulations on your new baby (car)

  • Shonny M -

    I’m so here for the vlogs! It’s dope that you speak French 👀😱. Maybe you could incorporate some French into the channel, or tells us your journey to becoming fluent.

  • Nichole Bradley -

    I have a bluesky planner too (day designer) got it on sale at Wal-Mart for $2.50 and I really like it I felt like the happy planner was just had too much going on and really bulky. CONGRATS ON THE AUDI !!

  • Modern Soul Sista -

    Heyyyyyy!! Girl I been watching but I’ve been so busy so I haven’t commented! I loved this vlog and showing you workin that new job! And whippin the Audi!! Ayeee 😍😍

    So life update for me: I got my class schedule! I’m moving next week to the city where I’ll be in school.

    Great video hun! Good to see you shinin and grinding.

  • Kayla Danielle -

    If you ever need a good laugh listen to The Read podcast. It’s on Spotify & SoundCloud. Also yassssss car! My mom is an attorney & that’ll be one of my many degrees lol I’ve found my passion for law

  • 丝凡 -

    You’re fluent in French??? i worship the ground you walk on! You’re so well-rounded 😮 Black women power >:D I hope my Chinese proficiency can help me get an awesome job as well =_=

  • Taylor -

    I am SO proud of you for all that you are accomplishing!!! That new car AND your clerkship! “Movin’ on up” is an understatement 🤩👏🏽

  • konnar mcgregor -

    I’ve been going through a lot lately and watching your videos have helped me a so much to remind me that I should keep focusing on my goal instead of all this extra stuff that has been bringing me down… thank you so much for consistently posting you have no idea how much you help me 💓

  • James Reid -

    Do you have to tell your employer about your social media presence: you tube vlogging, instagram, Facebook etc, or because it’s done on your private time it’s not necessary?

  • Ginan A -

    Congrats on the new car AND your summer clerkship! LOL Are we the same person?! I feel the exact same way about the Happy Planner AND I use a Blue Sky Day Designer now too. Love it.

    I'm so excited about more day in the life vlogs!

  • Jessica Severe -

    Keep the vlogs coming!! Your car is real nice I was like damn she done upgraded 😍😍 lol more vlogs outside of law school will be cool too. I always like when your sister pops up; I don’t think y’all realize how funny y’all are!

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