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An Immigration Lawyer Guesses Who’s a U.S. Citizen | Lineup | Cut

An Immigration Lawyer Guesses Who’s a U.S. Citizen | Lineup | Cut

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An Immigration Lawyer Guesses Who’s a U.S. Citizen | Lineup | Cut



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44 Comments - Leave a Comment
  • orbitzen _ -

    Idk why ppl are complaining about the civic test that’s something citizens SHOULD know. I definitely learned that in high school. It’s basic knowledge. That explains it tho we have a shit system.

  • KnuckleHunkybuck -

    5:50 "Everyone raise your hand if you have US citizenship."
    5:55 "Raise your hand if he got you wrong."

    He caught 50% of the illegals, based off of a questionnaire alone. I think maybe there is hope for Trump to build that big old wall, after all.

  • Solomon Desta -

    He was totally wrong (By the time this was posted) when he said Ethiopia doesn't have a government right now. Ethiopia always has a government, it might not be democratic or there might be some unrest but always has a government and you can get your passport or renewed. That shows me he is not a good lawyer.

  • Jason W -

    I thought his guesses were pretty spot on, I would of guessed basically exactly how he would have. Just comes to show there is no way to know unless the person is sitting outside home depot looking for work.

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