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Bankruptcy Lawyers for Right-to-Work

Bankruptcy Lawyers for Right-to-Work

March 2, 2015 – Personal bankruptcy attorney James Murray testifies in favor of Right-to-Work legislation. “I’m a bankruptcy lawyer and this is good for my business.”


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  • Nate Hoffman -

    1. Nevada 11.1
    2.Georgia 7.92
    3. Tennessee7.86
    4. Alabama 7.16
    5. Indiana 7.11
    6. California 6.9
    7. Michigan 6.69
    8. Colorado 6.47
    9. Utah 6.45
    10. Arizona 6.31
    All red except for California.

  • DL Kirkwood -


    1945 – 2010 

1945-49 The AFL fought and purged Communism from the labor movements

    1950’s The CEO pay was 50 times higher than the average worker.
Corporate profits were slightly over $1 billion dollars
The Teamsters expelled from AFL union affiliation for corrupt behavior.
UAW helped fund and support the Civil Rights
Cesar Chavez help form United Farm Workers for migrant farm labor.

1975 Corporate profits rising, slowing at $100 billion, along with workers wage

1980 Average corporate profit rise to $200 billion.
Labor law changes – Right to Work instituted as a way to bust 

    1981-85 Air Traffic Controllers go on strike over safety and retirement  concerns. 
          Reagan makes ultimatum. Fired 13, 000 workers.
The average first year raise fell from 7.2% to a negative 1.2 %
of unionized workers also fell, relative to non-union workers.
1986 NAFTA discussions began

    1992 Corporate profits rose to over $300 billion with steady rise along with worker wages.

    1994 NAFTA became law, allowing free trade between export and  import.

1996 CEO pay is now 350 times higher than the average American worker,
compared to the 50 times higher statistics of 1950.

1997 Corporations began outsourcing American jobs to foreign countries.
Union busting continues, COLA increases
           as wages fall. 
Trade imbalance began as American exports plummet rapidly. 
1998 Corporate profits are almost 600%.
2002-10 Corporate profits skyrocket to $1.4
trillion. CEO pay and bonuses skyrocket to 758% more than the average
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    REVERSE the SELL-OUT while there is still time. The decrease wages, poor food quality, working two jobs?  All part of gaining and maintaining a slave nation.  Join   #TransparanceyUSA  a free group with three Constitutional changes that will make Congress crystal-clear. 

  • TheSmoothGrind -

    So everyone working fora union will now get paid less?   They can choose to be part of a union, just not forced to.  
    Any one with ESQ in their name is a douche lol. 

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