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hey guys, i’m back with another video about criminal justice! in this video i talk about the classes i’ve taken, the things i enjoy about my major, and where i want to take my degree!


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  • Donovan Savage -

    Very helpful video! Its my first year in college, although Ive been considering on what career to take I think you definitely changed my mind and help me see all the powerful fields I could choose from to not only help other but myself along the way!

  • Christopher Sunner -

    Great and clear (and very honest) perspective. I have a young Hispanic senior who wants to attend UIC and major in criminal justice and I'm sending her the link to your video so she can watch it and help her realize UIC is the right choice for her, especially since UIC's ciminal justice program is ranked third best in the nation.

  • Cheyenne -

    Hi, i’m a senior in high school and i’ve always wanted to do something i find interesting, which could be this…. i like observing criminal body language and finding out what their motive is… being in criminology, is it still like a hobby? do you enjoy it? i’m scared i’m not going to like any major i pick but this is very interesting

  • Cherrelle Flds -

    Thanks for making this video I am taking criminal justice now. Right now I am getting my associates degree. I have two more semester before I have the degree. My goal is to get my bachelor degree for I can work in probation and parole or juvenile probation thanks for the video I hope you keep making these video

  • Abby Lynn -

    Thank you so much for this video! Ive been struggling with the decision to change my major to JS, Concentration in Criminology…and this helped me so much! Like you, all I want to do in the long run is help people… (:

  • Killer Croc -

    Criminal justice degree is useless. The only kind of job you can get is corrections, police officer, probation. please do not work in corrections. It is hell. you will hate it. Change your degree if you still have time. You don't need a criminal justice degree to be a cop or corrections officer. Your are wasting your time and money. Finding a criminal justice job is extremely depressing and difficult and most jobs only pay around 30,000 a year. you will not be able to afford a good apartment with this shit pay. In addition, many criminal justice jobs don't offer overtime. It's all fun in games and college until you get out into the shit world and have to find one of these shit jobs.

  • miranda -

    if I want to study forensic psychology but the colleges in my area don’t offer it as a major or even as a undergrad program would it be smart to just major in psychology and minor in criminal justice ( or the other way around idkkk) then transfer to a grad program that offers FP once i’m a graduate student? idk if I would benefit from being in a criminal justice class but I really don’t know what i’m doing LOL ( im a senior btw so I need to really figure my life out )

  • Simone G -

    I’m currently majoring in criminology and I have really really really bad anxiety. I was in the explorer program(police academy) when I was in highschool and it gave me horrible anxiety. I heard that you have to go through that stuff again. Any tips or enlightenment? I don’t really know what I’m getting myself into because that explorer program really screwed me up.

  • meagan brooke -

    I’m currently majoring in criminal justice, and I also want to work with helping people? Primarily woman and children like you. I’m currently minoring in Spanish because of the common language barrier in my area but I’m also thinking In minoring in sociology. But I’m not exactly sure my career path. Maybe like a SVU detective but I’m not exactly sure!

  • Brian Lucio -

    Hi, can anyone tell me if majoring Criminal Justice will benefit me (experience and finance wise) in Customs border patrol? Currently doing my general ed in community college , currently a sophomore. Just need some advice , thanks

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