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Breach, Damages, and Remedies in Contract

Breach, Damages, and Remedies in Contract

This video explains the concept of breach of contract and the award of damages or other remedies by the court.

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  • sithlordknight -

    hello mr.jason gordon i have a question i am currently financing a gaming pc from a retail store for a certin amount each month well the date of the payments are on the 3rd of every month as stated in the paper work well i looked at my back account this morning and 149.99 was taking out of my account is this a breach of the contract? and what can i do next leagl if i so choose to take that step

  • Mary Carmona -

    Thank you so much for your video tutorials! I love the way you simplify law and make learning it simple. Only your tutorials do this! You have an awsome gift! Thanks!!! 👍😊👍

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