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CA Meal Break Law Explained by an Employment Lawyer

CA Meal Break Law Explained by an Employment Lawyer

This video examines CA’s meal break laws. How much money will you be owed if you’re denied your 30-minute lunch break? You will find out this and more watching this video. California employment lawyer, Branigan Robertson, explains the law so than any employee can understand.

Branigan Robertson is an employment lawyer in Orange County, California. His firm exclusively represents employees in lawsuits against their employers. Please subscribe to Branigan’s channel! Visit his website at:

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  • Mr. Guess who -

    I worked 6 hour shift per day. And I was told I only get a 15 min break for the whole shift. That's against the law! So I said something and then I was removed because I spoke up. While all his other employees work 6 hours and they also get 15 min breaks. He's getting away with it and I want him busted. Can you help me. He owns viva supermarket in Sacramento California. His name is Sean.

  • leslie brazil -

    I usually only work 6-7.5 hours a day but my employer makes us take hour long lunch breaks . also I have never taken a paid break in the 4 years I've been with the company .

  • Kingneon 767676 -

    I work at a movie theater currently and on my 30min meal break where I am unpaid I some time order food from the sack bar and have been told by my shift lead that I am to prepare the items myself often cooking something in an oven is this practice legal?

  • Michael Ignacio -

    I’ve been with the company for almost 3 years. There’s have been several times that I’ve gone to lunch past my 5th hour, do to other employees would go before me. I can’t leave patients be themselves. Being in the healthcare setting where patients must be taken care of. But I do go to lunch just past my fifth hour. Does my employer owe me the extra hour of pay since the 5th hour window has been missed?

  • alison vc -

    If you typically worked a 12 hour shift in which zero uninterrupted, off the clock, meal breaks were taken (not possible due to work assigned) are you entitled to a second penalty of 1hr pay? Would it be 2 hours of penalty pay plus 1 hour of OT violation? This is not including the other rest break and OT violations.

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