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CA Overtime Law Explained by an Employment Lawyer

CA Overtime Law Explained by an Employment Lawyer

This video describes California’s overtime laws for non-lawyers. This video details what constitutes a violation and who much people may be owed. It covers misclassification, off-the-clock work, meal breaks, exempt vs non-exempt, damages, and penalties. It will help you decide whether or not to seek legal advice.

For more information about overtime and its legal requirements, go to:

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  • mathew belarde -

    So I'm in California and I get paid bi weekly so my employer doesn't pay overtime until after 80 hours, so with no holiday pay he has us working a lot of ot but it will just make up days I missed, is that legal, I cant find the info any where

  • Avtar Bhogal -

    Thanks for the info I have few questions
    1. I drive a fuel tanker and work between 11 to 12 hours a day 3.00pm to 3am and our weekend rotate we have 2 n 3 days off and company starts their week from Sunday since our weekend rotates we loose lots of overtime and also if the next month falls during the week we loose our overtime as well any advice would be appreciated thanks in advance.

  • gusbus007 -

    I got this situation hopefully you can help. I work Monday to Friday and this is my work week I have a question for:
    M- took a sick day( I get paid sick days)
    Tu- 8hrs 2 OT hrs
    Wed- 8 hrs 2 OT hrs
    Th- 8 hrs
    Fr- 8hrs
    Sat- 4 OT hrs
    So it should be 32 reg hrs, 8 sick and 8 OT hrs right?
    I got paid 36 reg, 8 sick and 4 OT

    Any week we have a holiday and work OT . OT is paid as regular. It’s that right too?

  • Oh Brother -

    I knew he was going to leave out this very important point.

    I talked to the California labor board and they definitely said it all has to be and what the company calls its 24 hour day. So technically you can work 24 hours straight and not get double time if it's all on different days. That is if 12 hours is on one day and 12 hours is on another day you will not get double time that's a fact. And the same with doing over 8 hours if you only work 8 hours on each day and it runs into another day you will not get overtime.

  • Cali LifeGaming -

    i work 4, 10 hr shifts , 40 hrs a week . should i be getting paid over time cause its over 8 hrs a day? also i do medical transportion i dont have a set lunch break , i take someone too their appointment then i have to wait on call, never knowing how long i have , or if i have enough time to grab a bit to eat. alot of days i dont get too eat.

  • Oscar Rincon -

    Hello I have a different scenario,. I work four 10 hour days and usually come in for a 5th day for another 10 hours. Are 2 of those hours double time ? What would be the case on 6th or 7th day assuming 10 hours were worked. Thank you in advanced.

  • Andrew Dimas -

    How is overtime calculated if I have two pay rates? One for labor and one for driving. Also, if I’m away for 5 twenty four days. Is there pay for when I’m not working?

  • Marcos L -

    I have a question so before the new overtime paid law for salaried employees, my salary was 800dls a week x 48hrs of work so my paid rate was 16.66dls x hr right? So now with the new law my paid check shows that I'm making 15dls and some I don't have the exact amount but shows 40hrs regular and 8 overtime but my check is the same 800dls so is that even legal to lower my original paid rate?

  • Thomas -

    Is it 8hrs in a day OR 40 hours in a week? Or is it after 8 hrs in a day AND after 40 hours in a week. I'm a little confused on the OR. Some Employers will say, no it's either 8 or 40 hours in a week so we can choose which one.

  • Gavriel Dorian -

    I'm a little confused on the 8 hours a day / 40 hours a week rule. I see law states "Any work in excess of eight hours in one workday AND any work in excess of 40 hours in any one workweek". So, last year I worked a job that was 10 hours a day, 4 days a week. Was I supposed to receive overtime pay even though I did not exceed 40 hours in a week?

  • illest 1313 -

    this is not very clear if you can help me please you say 8 hours a you get overtime?

    1.what I'm being told it's eight hours if you work a five-day week it's 10 hours if you work a four-day week then you can overtime? is that true or is it 8 hours no matter what ? either way it's 40 hours but I wanted to when does overtime kick in?

    2. so say I get overtime after 10 hours I am hearing if you work more than 12 hours it gos to double time is that true? or does it continue just time and a half?

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