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Career Planning : How to Become a Notary

Career Planning : How to Become a Notary

To become a notary, an individual must be over 18, fill out a notary commission application, attend classes based on state requirements and pass an exam. Pay for bond through insurance brokers in order to set up a notary business with the help in this free video on job information from a career service specialist.

Expert: Stacie Royer
Bio: Stacie Royer is an exclusive career services specialist, and she is active in business and career networking throughout the Austin, Texas area.
Filmmaker: Todd Green


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  • StevenwithaV -

    I live in NY and you have to pass and exam, they send your application with the results. My friend who lives in AZ does not need an exam at all. She printed out the application from the website of the secretary of state and will just mail it in. Things are so different state to state

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