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Civil Suit Process

Civil Suit Process

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important links:-

Explanation of Writs::

Explanation of Format of Habeas corpus::

Explanation of Format of Plaint, Written statement::

Explanation of Format of Petition::

Explanation of Format of Affidavit::

Explanation of Format of Bail Application::

Explanation of format of Civil Revision::

Explanation of Format of Anticipatory Bail aplication::

Procedure of CIVIL SUITS

procedure of CRIMINAL SUITS



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29 Comments - Leave a Comment
  • Krazy_Kuka -

    The county is seeking legal action against a party for overpayment. What can the party do to prepare for that? What legal action can the party do to protect themselves?

  • Manish bansal -

    Someone filed a false civil case against a property in my name where i am not the owner of this property. What kind of case could i file against that person!

  • gagz singh -

    sir please tell if i default on credit card and didnt appeared in Arbitrator court and decision is made X party against me, now case is being put up for execution in local session court, can i go to jail for this ? Pls reply me

  • david endacott -

    You make it sound doable. Thank you. I have a question, Sir": Whom do I sue if the president of an HOA made a false representation, which I relied upon to purchase a mobile home in a mutual benefit corporation, and subsequently found out that they have been leasing the property to me that they do not own? The city says I am encroaching and they want me to move my trailer. I am not wealthy enough to absorb the cost. Thank you in advance.

  • Mehala Mani -

    சட்ட விரோதமாக மது விற்பனை செய்வதை தவிர்க்க முடியுமா????sir

  • भावना सामरे -

    सर, कायदा इमानदार तक्रारदार कि नजर से उतर गया है। पोलिस दहशतवादी है फिर भी कायदा उनके रेकाँर्ड पर विश्वास रखकर न्याय करते है जो गुनहगारों को आराम से छुटने मे मदतगार शाबित होकर इमानदार तक्रारदार का जोकर बनाते है। धन्यवाद।

  • Natural Wind -

    mera thakurda has 6 child, usmese 3 guser chuke hei, un 3 o ka 4, 6, 3 siblings hei. Humlogo ka propperty hei 6 acor with bhita/bastu. Hamara ek partision hua hei internally but not written, abhi me kya karu us internal partision ka record karneke leya? Keya me partision suit kar sakta hu? bahot jada woner hei abhi problem din ke din bar raha hei.

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