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Corp 101: The Basics of Corporate Structure

Corp 101: The Basics of Corporate Structure Corporations 101: The Basics of Corporate Structure. Check back soon for more on the inner workings of corporations.


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  • Knight Chime -

    Explain how corporate growth positively impacts the economy? What if you outsource all your working-class jobs, then the positive impact is only felt by the country your foreign workers reside in.
    What if all your higher salaried employees keep their money in other countries? Shareholders are just gamblers, yet the corporation serves them first before anyone else, which is why growth for growth's sake has become the modus operandi, a pursuit that can only end in monopoly.
    "employing millions? What if said millions are working 2 jobs & are still below the poverty line? Simply being employed isn't enough. North Korea has 100% employment for instance.

  • Arman McHitaryan -

    Search for Joel Bakan's The Corporation documentary – the classic in social sciences and actually very highly respected by the business press and many top businesspeople. Then you will know what a corporation is, not by watching corporate propaganda like this.

  • jaint lupaz -

    Corporate Governance MCQs
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  • Hero 117 -

    YOu want to know what a corporate structure is? Read Sun Tzu… that chinese fucker had the shit idea of creating a chinese imperial style dictatorship society.

  • Jeremy Savo -

    This is like the exact opposite of a conspiracy theory film. Whether a video exhibits on extreme point of view or the other, by leaving out the negative aspects, this video has little credibility and is likely backed by some self interested entity attempting to perpetuate it's point of view.

  • InstTaxSolutionsLLC -

    The organizational structure of most corporations is very similar. Many people might also be surprised to know that most corporations are not the large multinational behemoths with multibillion dollar revenues that we often see in the news.

  • Brian Kennedy -


    Indeed, a video about basic corporate structure making absolutely zero political points is "corporate propaganda."

    Such ignorance cannot be natural, it must be educated. I mourn for your educators for doing you such a disservice.

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