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Corporate Law 101

Corporate Law 101

A dynamic conversation with Mr. Lino Solis, Esq., delivers priceless gems for the aspiring corporate lawyer. Mr. Solis shares his history on the road to becoming a major player in the arena of corporate law, and invaluable insight for anyone seeking this career path! Get you pen and pads ready!


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  • Goldhill -

    This was a very inspirational video, especially as I am grappling with choosing what field of Law to specialise in and practice in the Englan. Many thanks.

  • Bob Burlington -

    Love it, the more I hear about corporate law, the more confident I feel this truly is a misunderstood industry based on it's title alone. I cannot wait to get my teeth into this industry and start helping those less fortunate from the top down. 

  • David Katz -

    This is an area of law that seems to attract little attention, at least as far as the media is concerned. How to shift capital to the urban areas where it's needed. While many people may simply label this as investors, lawyers and law firms are typically at the core of these efforts.

  • Lamont Bannister -

    Great video. Mr. Solis seems very poised and confident in himself and accomplishments. I will not only use this video as energy as I pursue a law degree but I will suggest it to others struggling with the subject matter also. Keep vids coming.

    –La Monte

  • starbury64 -

    Thanks for showing this interview. I am planning to become a corporate and securities attorney, and this was truly insperational. Mr. Solis was right, there are not enough peole of color in the law field.

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