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credentials v2.03 | SHOULD YOU TAKE THE CPA? | a tax lawyer vlog

credentials v2.03 | SHOULD YOU TAKE THE CPA? | a tax lawyer vlog

Should you take the CPA? Should you get that extra degree? What about that next credential? This week is the first four city week of Season 2 where we dicuss credentials and professional exams.

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If you’re interested in international taxation, follow me below on Twitter @xbordertax.

If you’re interested in international taxation, follow me below on Twitter @xbordertax.


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14 Comments - Leave a Comment
  • Joe Swaney -

    Why do you regret not taking the CPA? It seems like you've climbed the ladder successfully without one. Do you think it would have accelerated your path?
    Thanks for the vlogs – very insightful for an undergrad like me

  • Revocate Animos -

    Great Vid! Someone shared your channel on the accounting subreddit and I'm super glad they did. Enjoying your vlogs!

  • Judah Chikomba -

    Hey Doug, I am an Australian CA (CPA equivalent ) who started career 6 yrs ago in tax accounting…As i have been seriously thinking of enhancing my technical skills and differentiating myself just completed MTax and going through it & reading and following most great tax partners and leaders most of the tax thought leaders have law degrees i.e. LLBs/JDs so every now and then I wonder since I am a tax mgr now is it worth going to do law degree to get that edge and think like a lawyer and not just an accountant or are they other ways for tax professionals with no law background to get those skills without going back to college? As well as is not having a law degree/license an impediment to your credibility if goal is to contribute to tax law journals and be a thought leader in tax policy and possibly even publish tax materials in the future?

  • TheRjsupreme -

    Hey Doug new subscriber here. As an accounting student This is very useful. Thank you for taking the time to share your insight and experience.

  • Namho Kim -

    Could you make a video about the beauty of working at Public accounting compared to Private accounting?

  • Kshitij joshi -

    Hey that was really helpful
    These videos are a great insight for someone who want to pursue their careers in accounting or tax
    Can u make a video or brief about BEPS and transfer pricing??
    And tell about sources as in websites or books to stay updated about international tax??
    Btw keep it up!!

  • Reuven Pinsky -

    My two cents as a fellow PwC partner (or actually a principal because I don't have the CPA credential, how appropriate for this video): Credentials help you get in the door when looking for a new job. Once you have a job at a reputable firm, clients really don't care about credentials, in my experience. They assume your firm hired you for good reason and they just want good service and technical expertise from there. The "PwC" brand in front of your name (or any other strong firm brand) will be more than sufficient even if you don't have any more acronyms after your name. So, if you're in the market for a new position, by all means pursue those credentials. But, if you're in a good place and plan to stay where you are, focus your time and energy on building your technical skills and client service skills. That time will be far better spent than chasing additional acronyms. Just my two cents. Another great video.

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