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Criminal Law – Introduction

Criminal Law – Introduction


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  • Care Air -

    What is the definition of fraud and theft in criminal law? This will define the scope for considering an act and its consequent liability and punishment.

  • Foo Ming -

    To become a good criminal lawyer.You should have: -Law degree -Good knowledge of law ethics -Good communication skill -Leadership quality -Quality to molding case Criminal law is the only kind of law that is difficult but extremely interesting profession. Integrity is the most important quality, followed by a combination of intellectual ability, advocacy skills, and the ability to work hard. Thanks for the video.

  • Sunday Paul Ugwoke -

    Hi, from the introductory video, I think this is a nice course and will like to subscribe for the 5hrs course. However, the coupon discount : YOUTUBE isn't working. Please give me valid coupon code so I can subscribe. I look forward to hearing from you. My email is [email protected]

  • Adam Heinrich -

    Can you make a video on individual things like what a cop can do at a traffic stop and what a cop can exactly do when they see suspicious activity on the street. They teach us nothing in our criminal justice classes to become a cop.

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