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Daily Activities and Social Security Disability

Daily Activities and Social Security Disability

Attorney, Anthony Reeves, is a Social Security Disability attorney serving clients nationwide.

Ever wonder why the Social Security Administration asks you about whether you can do laundry, house work, or grocery shopping?

Here’s a video that can help out out

For more information about applying for disability or a free claim evaluation, please contact the Reeves Law Firm, P.A. today toll free at 888-962-0007 or complete the free claim evaluation online,


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  • Daniel Rosado -

    Yes you can work looking at a security monitor. What are the chances that you find the job and be hired? Like if they are looking to hire a disabled guy.

  • *GIFTED* -

    Basically what he is trying to say is when you get on disability your a enemy to the Government, you constantly have to look over you shoulder cause the Government don’t like it when you get your money back that you put in Social Security so basically you can’t try to live a life cause if you do the Governments pets will take away your money which is yours in the first place, welcome to America. I’m speaking for the people who really need to be on Social Security not the ones who are committing fraud the lazy as bums who just don’t want to work.

  • Sweet Tea Elle 2018 -

    If I DO get turned down for SSI, how do I then get a job at 49 with a bad back and pelvis? I am short. I am divorced with grown kids. I must live with my EX- husband because neither of us can afford to live on our own. He has an eyesight disability and neurological issues. He, too, has applied for SSDI and also SSI. Our 22 year-old autism spectrum disorder son applied for SSI today.
    Currently, SNAP has me and our son locked out. We are getting $44 a month for 4 of us, whereas we previously got $640 per month. So in a couple weeks or so, my ex and I are going to start feeling hungry. (Our daughter is about to go move to her college dorm. She has a full time job. Our son had leftover money from a hand injury lawsuit. He will be okay for about six months more maximum.)

    If I am deemed able to work, what kinds of jobs are there? I live in a really small town. The next biggest town has mostly these type jobs: Five Star gas stations, Dollar General Stores,, Intelenet the call center (No over-the-phone sales jobs in overcrowded, noisy environments; my mental health issues will make me freak out)…Wal-mart, adult daycares, childcares, schools (the paperwork is extensive and requires 3 professional references for substitute teachers), Goodwill, JcPenneys, Catos, Tractor Supply, Big Lots, several fast food restaurants, a couple Mexican restaurants, a couple Chinese restaurants, an insurance billing company (forget it!)… The jobs/careers I would like to do– the ones that don't require as much physical labor– require excellent VERBAL communication and social skills, mathematical ability, and/or a social work or special education degree. Honestly, MOST people get their jobs through networking aka politics and family connections and money…

    I would move, but how?

    My parents help us a little, but they are aging and not well off themselves. My ex's parents died years ago.

    I will add that me and my ex spent five years each in college. We were not always poor. He ran three types of cleaning businesses and we made DARN good income for over a decade.

    We had a child who needed help in the public school, but they were either too busy or did not seem to want to help him because of his autism. So I spent eight years homeschooling him. (Yes, he has his GED.) I sacrificed my possible income and possible career teaching to help him.

    Then when our daughter was in middle school, she had mental breakdowns and that went on till just this past year.

    My ex's parents died young. He was one of his mom's primary caregivers for 18 months, which cost him AND his dad their businesses.

    Life happened. Now we have to deal with the fallout.

    Any suggestions for us?

  • Mario.B Alegria.jr. Alegria -

    So basically the benefits want you to be a filthy dirty lonely horder and useless good for nothing slob And deuchbag'

  • Judgment Proof -

    You know, sometimes where you live does not include yardwork. In some places you must do your own grass cutting or you can get a fine from the mayor and you can get in other legal trouble for not cutting the grass. I recall one time many years ago when I first moved in here lawn care was included in the rent so I was blessed there. However, there was a short span of time when the grass crew didn't come around in the grass got knee-high or maybe just a little taller. Being on Social Security myself, I didn't have money for a mower. One day I got a letter from the mayor and I didn't know what I was going to do so I sat down with the only thing I had and started cutting the grass by hand with just a pair of hand shears. A neighbor who must've turned me in realized I didn't have a mower. They waited until I went in but I didn't know someone was going to come and mow my lawn for me. I came into the house to rest for about five minutes or so, during which I heard a mower start up. I didn't realize they were doing my lawn and not their own until I came back outside with my hand shears to find my lawn was mowed, for which I was thankful. However, I took the ladder down to my rental management and told them my situation. Since that day I've always had resumed lawn care

  • Bredaxe -

    SSDI is a prison sentence. Oh you'll be happy you have it until those odd days come where you feel a little better and you'd like to go do something to enjoy yourself and then you stop, because you realize that any little thing may be misconstrued as Improvement in your condition and then removal. This is how I live everyday now. I'm not sure that death wasn't better.

  • Gerri Gamble -

    I look at it this way. if the government has billions to send to other countries, they have the money to support disabilities….

  • fraud exposed -

    How serious is Social Security Fraud? There is a individual who is claiming social security benefits for a bad back, but yet he is zip lining, riding a motorcycle on bumpy roads and hiking on trails on various mountains. He is living in the Philippines and posted several videos on youtube. I'm not sure on how to report this guy for fraud? I am Military retired after 20 years and people like this is abusing our tax dollars for people who really need it the most, but yet this guy is living in another country thinking no one will see him doing the things he's doing. YouTube Channel; Barry Jordan- Philippines, can you review his videos and determine if he abusing the system before I or someone reports him?

  • Raven Fox -

    I'm already on SSDI and had to send in forms for a medical review. Should I be worried if my back problems have gotten worse despite having a pain pump, and will be undergoing another surgery to implant a spinal cord stimulator?

  • Laila J. -

    I am on social security and very grateful for the help I am receiving at the moment..but I want to work 5 hours a week. I cannot handle more because I can easily end up in the hospital with a manic has happened before over an upsetting phone call:( I really want to be a dietitian and work 5 hours a week somewhere for free…is that too much to ask? I also have memory problems but I can volunteer and go to the people hire people with disabilities:) So, is it too much to ask?

  • Eye On The Sky -

    Mr. Reeves, I am beyond frustrated with the system. I was given 6 LUPRON injections( the time the doctor failed to inform me what exactly the medication was) never warned me of side effects other than "temporary menopause". I have slowly become unable to get around, my pain began in my right hip 3 months after the 6month treatment(to "shrink" a small fibroid).I can't even drive, I used to be so active, now just standing in the kitchen trying to cook a meal is painful. I was denied benefits a year and 1/2 ago, and my boyfriend and family has been helping me financially. I can't do crap! My entire spine hurts daily, I now use a cane to get around, and when I sit I have to shift my around, and I am miserable. How can I get them to listen to me? I had to pay for my own MRIs that shows I have Scoliosis, and a Tarlov Cyst I am pretty sure developed from this poison.My joints hurt, I hand grip is horrible I am constantly dropping objects, and I am only 43.. Ready to give up on life😢

  • Chamaigne Sharette -

    I am on disability and sometimes I go to school on line (a special school with no deadlines). I've dropped out again for now because it was too hard, but I intend to finish. Will getting a bachelor's degree hurt my case when it comes to reviews? I'm just going to school in the hopes that someday I will get better and hopefully be qualified to do something from home on the couch. I doubt I will get that much better, but if I can take the next step to help myself, why not? But will disability judge think I can get a job if I have a degree?

  • Mary Hicks -

    Thank you for your response. I am 60 years old and I have not worked since February 3rd 2015, I filled for ssdi on August 5th 2015. As you said in one of your video, it is frustrating waiting, how long does a quality review take?

  • David Mclaughlin -

    That is where I screwed up …. I didn't give enough detail as to how my impairments effect me.I was turned down at the hearing level ….. so I am now going to ALL my doctors and getting everything updated ….. today 12/21/2015 …I went to my primary doctor, the exam she did indicates disc damage ( had one failed microdiscectomy)@L4-5 and I have a mass effect on the L5-s1 ….3 joints in my neck have arthuritis and are effecting the nerves in my left had.I failed at my hearing though, I froze up and didnt detail how my life has changed. ..also, I have degenerative disc, narrowing disc ( mild to moderate) anyway, I am now faced with a decision to make … appeal to the review council or start over and apply again ….. its been 2 years! I'd hate to loss the back pay, but .. he called my impairments severe … but, not severe enough, I did not know there were degrees of severe loli was always under the impression that "severe" was pretty bad.

  • Lizzy Mitchell -

    what if you have severe depression and your not motivated enough to do anything and your sitting in your room crying your eyes out

  • Aaron Harthun -

    I go to my mental exam today, I'm glad I found your videos, lol wish it wasn't at the last minute but better late than never


    I know I applied for a surveillance monitoring job back when I wasn't disabled through local Casino's and security firms, and they wouldn't hire me back then because of a more qualified applicant. Therefore that isn't applicable, because that would be where your education and prior work or ability to obtain different work comes in doesn't it?  I know if you didn't have A credit, no criminal history, no medications taken that were prescribed or illegal along with a clean shaven face, and generally at least an Associate's degree in some aspect/field, you wouldn't get the job.

  • Tristain Beckel -

    What is mental video examination ? I have schizophrenia I've been on disability for 3 years now my review is going on now.

  • Mike James -

    I was just thinking the same thing Anthony as I have a broken back and find sitting on a couch with eyes forward and chin up. is much different than sitting on a cheap chair at work with arms stretched out typing and likely lookin down at a computer monitor, or hunched over a desk. My back has to be perfectly straight in order to have any amount of comfort. would that be is taken in consideration? 

  • (((Soundafek))) -

    Sitting six hrs at home is different than being on a job, i have a lounge that i sit on and stretch out my back and legs, on a job your not gonna have that lounge where you can stretch your back and legs out.

  • 100PercentOS2 -

    Great video.   I will probably watching some more of them because they are so informative.

  • terezia Valle -

    my husband is the one disabiled i cant even get him to walk out side for excersize
      fot his legs ….i tried to get him to do the computer  but his memory isnt good  i was hoping to help him with his memory… i do all the cleaning   mowing the lawn for him ..

  • Benjamin Massie -

    so why isnt some of these fake asses being reavaluated,they can walk all over town go clubing dont seem yo be disabled

  • Tony ? -

    and I've been told by doctors and others even the short term disability ins.carrier that I should apply for SS disability benefits.I have gone through some physical therapy,and two ESI injections with no improvement. I have talked with a spinal specialist he told me that no operation he could do would help me! if fact it could make it worse.I'm being treated by a not so good neurologist,and I'm about to see a neurosurgeon on 9/9. my question is do you think I should apply for ss dis. benefits?

  • Tony ? -

    Hi Anthony, cool video a lot of good info. My name is also Anthony I'm 53 and out of work on short term disability (which is about to end) with multi level disc and nerve issues in my cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.(bulging,facet disease,foraminal compromise,cervical spondylosis.and much more), pt.1

  • mcmo121 -

    Thank you for the info! Nice video! BUT!? nice time go in the garage so that the light of the sun give you a better video ,this video left you in the dark. could not see your face,checking more of your info! Thank again!

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