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Daily Life With An Immigration Lawyer: ‘If They Take Him, He’s Out’ | NBC News

Daily Life With An Immigration Lawyer: ‘If They Take Him, He’s Out’ | NBC News

With an uncertain immigration order hanging in the balance, one Pennsylvania firm has received over 200 calls a day. Meet the man scrambling to help them all.
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Daily Life With An Immigration Lawyer: ‘If They Take Him, He’s Out’ | NBC News


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  • casey massey -

    Some of the comments below imply that an undocumented person who has a dui ten years in his past gets booted out of the country, but the creeps that were born here that have duis, commit fraud, rape and pillage our communities get a free pass. I shudder every time I read comments now because the opinions are so toxic and I can't help but think that those that are writing these awful opinions full of hate, arrogance, and self righteousness should be the people we are exporting. Trump is such a terrible influence on our population giving permission for citizens to act like thugs. I wonder how the job description reads for a position with ICE and how these officers sleep at night considering some of the awful things they are doing. The sheer number of happy campers regarding Trumps fascist approach to government is also disturbing.

  • jeannine Poulin -

    If you have immigrated, then you are a guest in our country.. if you disobey the law.. then you should be SENT back from where you came from and if YOU don't follow our way of life, traditions and try to impose your own.. then go back to your own country and follow your own traditions.. simple enough|||

  • Mark Green -

    Trump's job creation program: Deport undocumented immigrants and then get Jeff Sessions to arrest blacks for marijuana possession and send them to a federal private prison. The prison will then rent them out to southern cotton and vegetable farmers to plant and pick their crops.

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