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Day in the Life of a Criminal Lawyer

Day in the Life of a Criminal Lawyer

Is crime your passion? Thomas Spohr from the Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions takes you through his career as a criminal lawyer and what to expect when you work in this field of law


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  • Jack Kelly -

    Crime Lawyer In Penticton Julian van der Walle Penticton crime lawyer is celebrated for his audacious argument skills, logical counter questioning and immense knowledge of legal affairs such as drug trafficking, drink & drive, assaults, cybercrime and a gamut of other legal cases to keep your life safe, secure and free of threat. In fact, as a citizen, you must exercise your right against criminality and injustice; however, you need to have access to a lawyer who practices integrity, honesty and most importantly compassion because compassion is the highest form of intelligence.

  • Amanda Ruano -

    Nice video and I really appreciate it for sharing and telling much about Criminal Law as it helped me out, I had to call for getting Criminal Defense Services because my friend mostly gets in trouble and calls me and every time I have to call the lawyer. Keep sharing about new things as this video is very helpful 🙂

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