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Defense lawyer Worrick Robinson delivers closing arguments in Vandy rape case

Defense lawyer Worrick Robinson delivers closing arguments in Vandy rape case

Defense lawyer Worrick Robinson delivers closing arguments in Vandy rape case.


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  • Shamari Vaughn -

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  • Arjun Singh - The use of social media has revolutionised the way information is accessed and people communicate with each other. The ease of sharing information has provided the users with the freedom to interact without any barriers. However, this freedom is sometimes misused by commonly called ‘trolls’ who post unnecessary, false statements about someone, harming their reputation and defaming them.

  • FROSTY Burny master -

    Horrible statements your just stating opinion about kids and not the case of the subject of rape and yes rape is wrong but your just bringing up laws of which kids want to be and other laws about you and your car laws which is not bringing the fact of the subject of rape and not going into detail of the case and having sight evidence worst statements i have heard and also im a 12 year old inspiring lawyer and i think i could solve this case as twice as you cause you are stating raw statements and its not the subject of rape go into detail and say a out the case not opinions of kids sincerely Carlos a future lawyer

  • MannyXsicko 818 -

    What he is saying is that the kid and whoever he/she “raped” are part of the culture and minority that get influenced by media that glorify things. Blaming it on mostly the media which have a super big impact on the teens today. Which becomes a culture. He’s defending the “rapist” by getting influenced by the people and things around him/her . In a way it makes people think it was just a mistake he/she did and not intentional and that the person that he/she “raped” was part of that culture too but their now acting as the innocent ones and they’re part of it too.

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