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Dirty Tricks Employers Use To Steal Wages (Top Florida Overtime Attorney Tells All)

Dirty Tricks Employers Use To Steal Wages (Top Florida Overtime Attorney Tells All)

For more about unpaid wages from our overtime lawyer:

As a busy attorney at law practicing employment law I’ve seen it all.

Employers are under a ton of pressure for a variety of reasons, the bad ones, they use it as an excuse to steal from their employees.

In this brief video I share some of the dirty little tricks employers use to steak rightfully entitled wages in the workplace.

I briefly go over everything you need to know about the overtime laws, including determining eligibility, what jobs and roles are entitled, and other ins and outs we most commonly see happen to the clients we represent.

In Florida, state regulations provide workers certain protections – additionally, Federal law provides employees certain rights.

I share a few examples from real cases so YOU can get a better idea as to whether you aren’t getting paid what you are entitled.


More importantly, learn what you can do legally if you are entitled wages and your boss is fighting not to pay you. From commissions, to tip pools, and benefits, learn what a qualified employment attorney can and can’t accomplish for you.

At the end of the day, the people in the workplace who use their voice and stand up when their rights are violated – the right attorney may be able to recover your unpaid wages and additional damages in some cases.

I discuss how damages work, and detail the various types of recovery which may be possible depending on the details of your claim.

A large settlement, or successful claim recovery gives workers the security to face their future with confidence, sometimes the money needed to protect their family after job loss, and peace of mind knowing justice has been accomplished.

So, take a listen to a few of the stories from our law practice fighting for the little guy against the abuses of their employers.


If you have any questions about your employment situation, reach out on our official website, and I’ll see you get the help or the answers you need.

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    I have a question? What would happen if an employee has not paid in months to the employer all that there owned? Also They pay monthly and are over $4000 that has not been paid to the employer here in florida?

  • borg386 -

    And how do official vacation days fit into the 40hrs per week. If you use one of your vacation days for 8 of the 40, and you still work 5 regular days on top of that for example, do you still get overtime pay?

  • Masterm P -

    The meek SHALL inherit the earth. Not the the rich and stupid. Their time is running short. I wouldn't want to be an employer on judgement day!!!

  • TrotGallopandWhoa -

    I worked for a call center, and so I had a customer that refused to let me transfer her and so she then asked for a supervisor and so I got one on the line and the "supervisor" refused to take the call and got me into trouble and later that night (the agent) she messaged me on facebook and threaten to get me fired she also got one of the head bosses involved so he started picking and choosing what I did wrong a lot of it was my voice was raspy. Also then one of the actual supervisors on the floor kept giving me wrong information so I ended up getting fired and now I am unemployed and can't get another job. The head boss took the "supervisor" side. Also we was poorly trained. And I tried millions of times telling my manager why I wear jeans sometimes is because I need money to do laundry. A few times I got in trouble for computer messing up and making me clock in late and I got in trouble with the system issues.

  • nestor verdugo,jr -

    what if the employer will not pay the wages for several months then the employer declared bankruptcy they sold the ship but until several months to years they still not pay wages to the employee
    please advise

  • xxDibellaxx -

    I'm an non exempt worker who only gets paid after finishing a job( painting an apartment for example) however, its been over a week and I haven't been paid for 3 hard labor jobs, nothing at all. Without this paycheck I won't be able to afford normal resources anymore. If you would help me In giving me advice on what to do next I would greatly appreciated.

  • Carlos E Rivera -

    the obligation of vendors replenishment of there lessy the space and make the unpay employee to replenishment of there space wild they make money of some one at minimum wages to replenishment of there lessy spaces

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