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Do I have a Claim? – Employment Law Firm, Cases & Litigation (Atlanta’s Workplace Attorneys)

Do I have a Claim? – Employment Law Firm, Cases & Litigation (Atlanta’s Workplace Attorneys)

Do I have a Claim? – Employment Law Firm in Atlanta, GA
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The claim can be many different things. Usually when people come in they often feel like they’ve had unfair treatment in the workplace. It’s something they want to file in order to fix a problem or kind of get restitution.

If your employer asks you to do something illegal and you refuse to do it, and you are terminated for it, then you have the right to bring a claim against the company for a whistleblower protection, and for retaliation. An employer cannot require you to do something illegal or fire you if you refuse to do it.

A lot of times you have companies that have policies and handbooks and they do the easy thing of passing an employee the handbook and having them sign, saying they’ve gotten the handbook and they’ve read the handbook, but that usually isn’t the case. And usually we can then tell if a claim has arisen from that handbook or policy, or if there’s just unfair treatment in the workplace.

You can sue your previous employer for defamation if they’re saying things about you to a new employer that is false. So if anyone says anything about you – your current employer, your previous employer, that causes you to lose a job, and that information that they’re saying isn’t true, then you have the right to bring a defamation of character claim.

It’s also then going to depend on who it is that made the comment. Is it the owner of the company? Or is it some, you know, hourly employee that you worked with that shares it with somebody?

It’s always a good idea to document what you think is going on. At the very least, you could try to keep a journal or something, you know, so that you could record about these things when they’re fresh in your mind.

So many people think that they can’t afford a lawyer because they got fired. One of the things that’s different about our firm is that we ensure that each person is able to talk to an attorney the same day as they call to get advice about their situation. And on top of that, if we take your case, we typically take it on a contingency basis, meaning that you don’t pay us, the employer pays us at the end of the case.

You’re going to get, you know, 30 minutes, maybe even an hour of an attorney’s time at no cost.
I think a lot of law firms either don’t have an intake department, or they cut you off after the first sentence when they see it’s not something they can handle so they don’t really want to talk to you any further because maybe they feel like it’s a waste of time. And I think that, you know, the potential clients we talk to pick up on that.

At Barrett and Farahany, we do things different here. We only represent people against corporations, and the reason we do it on a contingency basis is that we believe that it’s the only way that people can actually hold corporations accountable. So what we’re doing is we’re trying to balance the scales of the less powerful against the more powerful, and giving people their day in court to allow for that. We also try cases, and that’s also different than other firms. And the corporations in town know that we will take a case all the way, and we won’t take a case unless it’s a strong case.



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