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Do I need a workers’ compensation lawyer?

Do I need a workers’ compensation lawyer?

Injuries happen in offices, factories, and workplaces every day across the country. If you have been injured at work, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help make sure that your claim is filed correctly and that you get the benefits you deserve. Find the best workers’ compensation lawyer with Avvo:

All too often, injured employees either aren’t aware of their rights or don’t take the appropriate action following an accident and miss their chance at getting the financial compensation they are owed. The single most significant reason workers’ compensation claims are denied is that the injured worker fails to report the injury to their manager, human resources department, or a coworker.

As an experienced California workers’ compensation lawyer, Attorney Peter Schaeffer has handled over 3,000 workers’ compensation cases. Over and over again, he sees injured workers who don’t know how to properly file a workers’ compensation claim and protect themselves financially.

“You’ve got to ask for a workers’ comp form; it’s simple,” Attorney Schaeffer says. “Maybe you think it’s an act of disloyalty to file a workers’ comp claim. Trust me – it’s not.”

The process is simple: you only have to ask for an official form, fill out the top portion, and give it to your supervisor. After that, you’ll deal with a claims adjuster who determines where you can go for medical treatment, typically someone in your employer’s medical provider network.

For many people, this is where the process can get complicated. Most of these medical professionals are in your employer’s network because they’re conservative with treatment, meaning they won’t suggest surgery or order MRIs and other tests to be safe.

At this point, if you feel you aren’t getting the treatment you need, or your treatment has been denied, you need to take action and hire a lawyer.

“It costs you the same amount of money to have a lawyer at the beginning of the case as it does at the end of the case, so once you get injured, just see a lawyer,” Attorney Schaeffer says.

Peter Schaeffer is a workers’ compensation attorney with The Law Offices of Dr. Peter M. Schaeffer:


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