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Do you need a Contract Lawyer?

Do you need a Contract Lawyer?

Legal Practice Manager Ursula Hogben explains the main reasons why you may find yourself needing a Contract Lawyer from LegalVision.

A contract lawyer can help you in a variety of ways. A contract is a written confirmation of the agreement between two parties. First, we can help you review an Advisor contract. You might be an employee. You might be a distributor. You might be wanting to enter a franchise. We can review your contract for you and advise you on: Is it fair? Is it standard? What are the risks? What might you want amended?

Second, if you’ve formed a relationship with another business, you might have things verbally, you might have discussed things over email, your contract lawyer can help you turn that into a proper, comprehensive contract that sets out both the business and the legal things that you need to address. Lastly, a contract lawyer can help you negotiate. You might be negotiating between two shareholders. You might be a small business negotiating with a larger business. Your contract lawyer can help you negotiate something that is fair and that works for you and your business.

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