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Employment Hour in 30: The Employment Law Show S3 E3 – How to Handle Workplace Harassment

Employment Hour in 30: The Employment Law Show S3 E3 – How to Handle Workplace Harassment

Employment Hour in 30: the Employment Law Show with employment lawyer Lior Samfiru and John Scholes – How to handle workplace harassment.

Discover your workplace rights in Ontario and British Columbia on Season 3 Episode 3 of the only employment law show on TV in Canada.

► 1:29 A salaried delivery driver was required to work as many as 60 hours each week. His employer told him that because he is a salaried employee, he is not owed any overtime pay. Are salaried employees entitled to overtime pay?

► 3:51 A caller from The Employment Hour: I worked for a company for 22 years. I was injured in two workplace accidents, and now I’m on disability leave. After 2 years, my employer cut off my employee medical benefits. Where do I stand on this? Is this constructive dismissal?

► 5:57 A caller from The Employment Hour: I was a private school teacher for 8 years. At the end of the school year, I was fired, and given 8 weeks’ termination pay. I’m 45, was at the top of the pay scale, and overqualified. Finding a new job will be difficult. Was I given enough severance pay?

► 8:30 Does a contractor become an employee after their contract is renewed by the same company enough times?

► 9:28 Workplace Harassment and How To Handle It
• 10:15 – From a legal standpoint, what is considered workplace harassment, and what are some examples?
• 11:18 – Does the employer have an obligation to prevent workplace harassment? How does the employer meet these obligations?
• 12:43 – What should individuals do if they are subject to workplace harassment?
• 13:35 – Should an employee be concerned that by complaining about harassment, they will be punished by their employer?
• 14:52 – How should an employer react to a claim of workplace harassment?
• 16:09 – What can an employee do if the employer won’t deal with workplace harassment?

► 18:47 The Severance Pay Calculator and why over 550,000 people have used it to discover their rights, when a wrongful dismissal scenario is at play.

► 20:53 The Severance Pay Calculator example scenario: I worked in sales at the same family-run business for 32 years. Last week, one of the younger family members took over as manager, and fired me. Given that I’m 71, I wasn’t shocked by this! They want to give me 12 weeks’ pay as a nice retirement gift. Should I ask them to throw in a few extra weeks?

► 22:54 A caller from The Employment Hour: I would like to move one of my long-term employees to a new work location. I’m not sure that she will want to accept the move. If she doesn’t, could it be considered constructive dismissal?

► 25:33 A caller from The Employment Hour: I was injured, and had operations on my back. While I was off on disability, the insurance company told me I no longer qualified for disability benefits, and cut me off. My employer told me to show up for work, or I would be fired.

► 27:49 Am I still owed severance when I’ve only been working part-time? My employer said no. I’m 31 and have been there for 10 years, working in a grocery store.

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