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Entertainment Law, Copyright + Hollywood Legal Must-Knows with Elsa Ramo

Entertainment Law, Copyright + Hollywood Legal Must-Knows with Elsa Ramo

Entertainment law and the industry secrets that people in the movie business need to know to save themselves from exploitation by studios and all the other show biz figures dying to take your money is revealed in this interview with attorney Elsa Ramo. Managers, agents, talent, and how to protect yourself with regards to idea theft and copyright, plus public domain and acquiring life rights are all discussed. We get to the truth about who’s making money in Hollywood, and how to make sure you keep it in this Insiders interview, hosted by Sebastian Twardosz.

Elsa Ramo is an established entertainment attorney, representing producers, financiers, and production entities in film, television, and digital content. She graduated from University of San Diego School of Law in 2002, and began her career by establishing the Los Angeles office for Davis Dixon Kirby LLP (a royalty litigation firm). After several clients approached her to handle their independent productions, she founded her own firm on the Universal Studios
backlot in 2005. Ramo Law PC is now located in Beverly Hills.


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00:10 Welcome to The Insiders.
00:15 Introducing Elsa Ramo, entertainment law attorney.
00:40 The difference between an entertainment attorney and an agent or manager.
02:25 When should someone pay an hourly rate vs have an attorney on retainer?
04:20 What Ramo means by dating lawyers.
10:15 What you can and cannot copyright.
11:30 How to protect yourself from idea theft.
12:50 How to get a copyright and problems involved with ownership.
22:00 What falls under public domain.
22:40 Advice on optioning books and articles.
27:15 Acquiring life rights.
30:40 Rights to using logos in media.
33:30 The actual profit margin in Hollywood.
38:30 How Elsa Ramo got into entertainment law and the clients she represents now.
40:50 Thank you and goodbye


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