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Estate Planning 101 from Elder Law Attorney Sean W. Scott

Estate Planning 101 from Elder Law Attorney Sean W. Scott

What happens to all your stuff when you die? Where does your money go, how does it get there and who is in charge of carrying out your wishes? Elder law attorney Sean W. Scott discusses the various methods used to plan your estate, including, joint accounts, wills, and living trusts.


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  • Chris Aria -

    Sean, you said that one 'should consider using a trust if his estate is worth more than $100,000, NOT counting the value of his house.' Why exclude the value of your house in making this determination?

  • Hugh James -

    You have done a service to the public by your simple, straight forward explanation. I am an attorney who came looking for a little more in depth information and for your take on the differences between the revocable and irrevocable trust and the medicaid issues that the older client needs to know. BUT it is my opinion that you have done a service to the public with this simple and forthright explanation,  And by serving the public interest you have also done a service to the profession as well. ~  WELL DONE!

  • Marty Burbank -

    Nice Video, Great job of explaining various options. Many people just skip over some of the options that you list even though they may be very appropriate for some families.
    Marty Burbank, Esq., Jd, LLM, Orange County California Elder Law Attorney

  • InstTaxSolutionsLLC -

    There is some good information in this video about estate planning. No one wants to deal with this subject. Yet, it is something that must be dealt with, and there are many requirements that many people are unaware.

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