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Family Law Court Process – How Family Court Works In Ontario

Family Law Court Process – How Family Court Works In Ontario

In this video, John provides information on the process of going to court for a divorce or separation in Ontario during his interview at the Real Estate 101 Show.

John Schuman is the head of family law team at Devry Smith Frank LLP and is a practicing family lawyer.

John discusses how to prepare for court when separating and what you should expect during the court process. There are however many options available to avoid court reduce costs and the stress of a divorce or separation. This applies to Ontario Family Court.

Watch the video to learn more about this the family court process.

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  • Positive Unity -

    The truth is you have to know your rights. Not all judges comply with your constitutional rights "Brian Abrams". No material change in circumstance, financial disclosure is to be provided by one party but not the other, one party has not complied with order but not held in contempt, again no material change in circumstance that warrants court proceedings, does not order to amend birth registry so you are a unknown parent even though you have custody, doesn't require disclosure of charged assualt, when asked to speak cuts you off, gives you parenting book from the University of Virginia and states that the offer to settle that would give up three weekends a month and you can just be the parent who does homework and provides care throughout week is acceptable " goes against recommendations of book", goes against recommendations of child professionals, does request proper adress of other party, denies childs right to social benefits, allows lawyer not to properly serve court documents twice and somehow is always the judge in all conferences. My name is Myles and I have been reduced to representing myself in the corrupt system even when all documentation states otherwise. The Judicial Council, MP, Attorney General, and even prime Minister refuse to acknowledge the issues and try to break it down in a technicality. The truth is its a money making scheme at the expense of CHILDREN'S LIVES. Legal aid funds it and the truth is the reason so many court issues that don't go to trial is because one party is funded by legal aid and the other can no longer afford to continue which is neglected to be mentioned. I want to bring forth these issues and look to make a civilian council the over looks any injustices that are being played out by the family courts. Email me at [email protected]. We have to come together and stop the false narrative going on at expense of our children through the court process.

  • James Grant -

    Judges are conditioned to find an equitable settlement without regard for children. For 10-20 years as lawyers they must save their client by all means without regard for the torments, the destruction they may bring upon others including children. Until these rules of engagement change children will always suffer. Currently our innocent children in family court are treated with the same code of ethics as rapists and murders in criminal court. There is no difference. One might think our children deserve better, but I know no person, government or association of any kind that has done anything to change this.   You all make me puke!

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