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From Undocumented To Immigration Lawyer | Originals | msnbc

From Undocumented To Immigration Lawyer | Originals | msnbc

Silvia Mintz, a former undocumented immigrant, taught herself English by reading children’s books. She became a lawyer and now guides other undocumented immigrants in Texas through the legal process as they strive for permanent residency. Mintz says strong women helped her realize her potential and that’s what pushes her to help others.
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From Undocumented To Immigration Lawyer | Originals | msnbc


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6 Comments - Leave a Comment
  • William Javier -

    Make sure you tell all the males when they become legal , if you are between the ages of 18 to 35 you must sign up at your nearest Draft Board just incase we gotta go fight for all the new freedom you just got. Remember freedom isnt free its paid in blood.

  • Nikole Riera -

    This is litterly so emotional and touching. I myself was raised by my family who are immigrants from Ecuador. My parents didn't know english so having to attend school in America with no prior knowledge in english became a difficult task. Seeing myself grow up in America, and my parents who are still trying to get their papers after 8 years. Has made me realize that I want to become an immigration lawyer. I want to help immigrants as I know what it is the struggle to be an immigrant and coming from an immigrant family. This veido was really touching and I ended up crying, because this is what inspires me to become an immigration lawyer.

  • Garnet Jewel -

    She should be thanking American Citizens for their tax money that paid for all her free education and those scholarships. Those scholarships should have been granted to a deserving American student. Americans are hard workers and has dreams too. Is she helping other illegals to stay here ? Shame on her. That would mean her allegiance is to another country and not America that gave her the opportunities to get an education. She should be representing illegal aliens to get free transportation to return home. Not stay here and take American jobs and free welfare. Thank goodness e-verify will soon be in effect.

  • Victor Wong -

    It's so so touching when benighted illegal aliens successfully game the system and subvert the rule of law while pathetic suckers actually follow the rules and abide by the law.

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