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How I secured a paralegal role with no previous paralegal experience | The legal diaries

How I secured a paralegal role with no previous paralegal experience | The legal diaries

Securing a paralegal role can be somewhat frustrating, especially when you have no prior experience. Join me as I reflect on how I became a paralegal and share what worked for me.

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  • Evd -

    I got certified through Sebron University

    You don't make a whole lot, but it's better than minimum wage.

    I started off at $18/hr, now make $22/hr. I am in Michigan.

  • John Parsons -

    Obviously an intelligent and influential personality. I would support the narrative involving concise points with short testimonies. Fact based real-life analysis is difficult to come by. THANK YOU for taking he time to help others.

  • Shadow Knows -

    It's a difficult position to get as there's so many applicants, luck comes into play as well. I've hired many assistants over the years. Schooling is great as the higher education always helps. It wont get you a legal assistant position as experience helps. Hang out in court – get a feel for it – rarely does any applicant do that. I was so naive and clueless. It's a position most come into believing television shows.
    Sadly now I'm stuck with millennials, laziest people ever. I've changed my interviewing strategy. Question #4 is always "Can you make toast?" The confusion in there face is priceless. Then I move onto the next applicant.

  • J Kim -

    Thank you for sharing. I’m a univ student and I want to be a paralegal. And I want to ask something. I’m studying legal subjects in school but I don’t know what should I take for. To be a paralegal, which subject is most required or just should I pick ones that I like ? I really have no idea. Thank you for helping. I subscribed 😁

  • Glennncocoa -

    I just very recently got hired as a paralegal with zero experience, and honestly, I was not going to go to the interview, because I thought it would be a waste of my time considering I have no experience, nor a bachelors degree (yet). But my boyfriend convinced me, and some way some how, they loved me at the office, and they want me to be apart of their team. I have no idea what i'm getting myself into, besides from all the research i've been doing. But, I feel passionate about my position already and I haven't even started. I have a feeling this will be the reason I end up going to law school as well.

  • Kyo Slovakia -

    I am a poli sci manager but a hiring agency that works with a big law firm just contacted me to set up an interview because the recruiter was impressed with how good my resume was and my academic background. I though all recruiters were scammers or ineffective but I might have to change my mind. Cheers !

  • LulusPlannerlife Gmz -

    Im tired of low paying jobs. considering trying paralegal or legal secretary job. But do you recommend i get certified. And go school or take chance. I have certification for Medical Office Specialist. Thank you for sharing.

  • Capt Happy -

    I got my first paralegal "job" by representing myself at my unemployment hearing. You see there are many "State and County" offices that must hold "administrative" hearings, and people can be represented by anyone they choose. Basely read NOLO books on discovery, summarizing depositions, and law office file management. You will need to start out almost as a volunteer or very low wages. Go by your local university and check on any paralegal courses they might have. If you are a veteran there are some training programs.

  • StylistNtraining -

    I've been looking for a job in the field for 9 months now. I finally got a call for a receptionist in a law firm that only pays $11 an hour, I can't afford to lose that much hourly. I have maintained my job while looking, but I'm starting to think, this degree was a waste of 25k!

  • Georgina Deen -

    This has come at the perfect time as I am searching for a paralegal job but am finding it v hard, would you say its easier to go for roles that are in areas of law I studied at university? thank you for sharing what helped you it makes me hopeful

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