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How To Build A Career As A Cyber Lawyer | Pavan Duggal | An Hour With LawSikho

How To Build A Career As A Cyber Lawyer | Pavan Duggal | An Hour With LawSikho

Are you interested in cyber law? Do you want to understand the prospects in this field from an experienced lawyer specialising in cyber law?

You can learn more about cyber laws here:

Today on An Hour With LawSikho, we have with us Mr. Pavan Duggal, Founder of Pavan Duggal Associates. An advocate with over 20 years of work experience, Mr. Duggal specialises in cyber law and teaches at various institutes. A TedX speaker, he presently holds the post of Chairman for the International Commission for Cyber Security Law.

Do not miss this webcast today at 8 pm on YouTube! We shall be discussing career prospects in the field of cyber law and how can one build it.

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  1. How cyber law got evaluated in India as well as around the world? &
  2. What are the major areas of cyberlaw, like what are its sub-division? &
  3. What is the difference between a cyber lawyer and technology lawyer, and cyber law and technology are similar? &
  4. What cyber/technology lawyer works, like what type of work does a cyber lawyer do? &
  5. What is the scope of cyber law for young lawyers? &
  6. How should young lawyers prepare themselves to excel in this field? &
  7. How should young lawyers try in this particular field, as there are multiple subdivisions under the cyber law? &
  8. Who are the best employers of cyberlaw, like which companies/law firms? &
  9. How a litigant have scope and career only in cyber law? &
  10. What is the scope of cyber law in LLM? &
  11. How a lawyer who is a novice in technology law should approach for some courses to have a better understanding? &

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