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How to pick a legal niche area for new lawyers and attorneys

How to pick a legal niche area for new lawyers and attorneys

This is a follow video to our popular “should I go to law school” video by Attorney Steve. Here is the video:

And also a follow up on our HOW TO BECOME A REAL ESTATE LAWYER video:

And how to become a lawyer WITHOUT GOING TO LAW SCHOOL:

Picking a legal practice area is not an easy thing to do. There are some important things that I think every new attorney needs to do, and here is my short list of tips:

  1. Focus on ONE AREA OF LAW. Do not try to be a generalist. The legal world is simply too doused now with all the attorneys, and with all the new websites out there. There are even a ton of paralegals out there (and doc preparation) people out trying to get your business. So you have to have a razor-sharp focus and do what you do best, and follow what your true passions areas are.

The reason I say you have to follow your passion is that with the internet it has basically become a “publish or perish” universe. On top of your legal duties, you ail need to cultivate content, and write about it in order to establish your authority.

  1. Get a KILLER legal domain. In most cases you will want to get you personal name (that you re-direct to your main website) and also try to get the .com (for example I have and You may also want to invest in a variety of niche domains (preferably the .com but I have also got .net and .tv sites to rank well), so make sure you go secure some good .com domain names NOW. Don’t wait to get in the game.

  2. Get setup on the main social media websites (Facebook, twitter, linked in, Avvo and YouTube). To be successful as a lawyer in the future I predict you will have to have flans, followers, and subscribers on Youtube and these other social media websites.

As an example, for my intellectual property practice area (I help companies including real estate companies with basic corporate formation and brand protection) I have a Facebook fan page located at: Facebook is a fantastic place to connect with people digitally (yes you still need good old fashioned offline networking as well) and is a great way to let people know what you do. I spend approximately 1/2 hour each night on Facebook, and yes, I have converted friends to clients and so to me, there is return on investment as long as you don’t spend too much time online.

These are some of my basic comments. As someone once told me: “the world does not need another lawyer……but the world always needs another GOOD lawyer.” The same is true for doctors and any profession. There are no shortage of problems, and with a growing and aging population, a non-stop legislative onslaught of new laws, rules, and regulations, there is not going to be a lack of demand for legal advice. What there will be is a demand for creative billing, cost effective legal solutions, and providing value to your clients.

You do this by building authority, helping your clients stay up on new legal developments that may impact their business, and by building your relationship with tools such as constant contact, or just something as simple as email updates.

Its a brave new world, for fearless and dedicated lawyers. Will you be one of them, that is completely up to you and there really is no room for excuses the world is your oyster.

I hope you enjoy the video. The key point is start small, build authority, and be willing to grow slowly. There is no overnight success in most businesses. That is the key to survival, and google will most likely reward your consistent efforts and consistent theme (i.e. making a list of and “owning” your keywords.

Attorney Steve, the real estate lawyer!


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  • Orlokk Noxx -

    This is why I will do my best to specialize in criminal law and take criminal law classes while in law school. Same with taking seminars and clinics about criminal law in law school.

    I'd try and network while in law school and try  and do my articling with firms that deal with criminal law as their area of expertise.

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