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How Your Online Profiles can Hurt Your Social Security Disability Case

How Your Online Profiles can Hurt Your Social Security Disability Case

– Atlanta Social Security disability lawyer Jonathan Ginsberg explains how active and public participation on Facebook, Twitter or as a blogger could convince a Social Security judge that you are not disabled.


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  • irishbreakfast -

    well then I guess you shouldn't try to lie to get benefits. its that simple. duh. you don't have to be limbless and paralyzed to get disability. you also don't HAVE TO BE jobless. you only have to meet the 'gainful activity' definition. which is 1100 a month as someones employee or 1800 a month if your self employed. at least that's whats posted on their website.

  • Candi Colvin -

    I'm taking almost 18 pills a day between the side effects and the actual crap the question is which one is going to kill me first. On that note any reasonably intelligent person should know I'm too off my game to hold a job watching paint dry. The entire system needs to be reworked.

  • Judgment Proof -

    Believe it or not, depending on the type of disability you have will determine whether or not you're able to ride a bicycle. In the case of low back arthritis, if you have the right configurations on the bicycle and the right seat and handlebars set up, it's actually much easier to ride a bicycle then to be on your feet when standing too long and walking causes arthritis pain in the affected area. Set your seat high on your bicycle and you have less strain on your knees as opposed to a lower setting seat closer to the petals. I'm a long time biker of many years and it was through trial and error until I found all of this out by experience, so be very careful because some of us out there really know how to use a bicycle with the right configurations. Sometimes a bicycle will help you get around much better when standing and walking or limited under certain physical conditions. And don't forget there are hills you can coast down and especially if the town happens to be on a slope and downhill coasts are very long, like all the way across town and some places. It's much easier in some cases to coast back from somewhere then it is to pedal uphill on first gear because all you do is sit back and let the bike do the work for you coming back because all you're doing is coasting downhill. Personal experience on this one. Without my bicycle back then, my lower back would've been in so much more pain than if I just got on my bike with the right configurations and the right seat and just travel that way. Now in the technology age we now have Ebikes, some of which are pedal assist and some of them are pedal optional. Ebikes are actually short for electric bikes. Ebikes were actually made for older riders, some of which have some level of disabilities. Then you have motorcycles that are now made around disabled people, so these days I advise you be very careful and speak with the judge on everything I shared with you because as technology improves, more and more disabled people are able to participate in what they otherwise wouldn't be able to. Do your research and find out for yourself, because there are some bicycles that are for the disabled including but not limited to trikes and there are also motorcycles including motor trikes for the disabled

  • Beth Cialek -

    What if People lie about working and such on the Social Media just to gain Freinds and they really are just in Bed using their Phones on Facebook? I know alot of People on SSDI and they lie about Things just to gain Freinds on their Facebooks and laugh about it! It's weird but some People don't want to appear as "weak" in the Public Media.

  • Love Is Better -

    what if your profiles have been hacked and ran amuck ..doing thinhs as you..but really wasnt?
    Hopefully it wouldnt affect the person..

  • Jo Gordon -

    Why wouldn't social media be a good outlet for people suffering from depression related to their disability? Answer that one please!

  • Kathleen Oliver -

    There are many strange situations. In my deposition for a W/C related injury the defendants attorney had his "girl" research my name and and occupation. Since my occupation is "Coach Operator" it came back that I am a "Sports Coach"! LOL on them! Word association gave "sports coach" because I DRIVE A BUS OR AM A "COACH" OPERATOR! Also because I live in a rural area where most people have large animals/live stock I was "assumed" to "care for animals other than domestic pets"….they were "assuming" far more than what is actually correct. Beware.

  • Mary Clay -

    JONATHAN C GINSBERG yes the judges looking at ppls facebok ect . I had family member judge knowed all about him. when he went to his courthearing. by him posting things on facebook ect

  • J E T S Jets jets jets -

    First off, why would you tell anyone that you're trying to get disability. That's that persons fault..

  • SoldierUSArmy -

    Will you please go to the Federal Court and start a US Constituional case to have the US Government prohibit anyone from in any case from being required or ordered to apply for the Supplemental-Security Disability program for the disabled, especially by any state or local government as a very grave violation of individual rights and if you lose you should go all the way to the US Supreme Court as there are no disabled people!!! SSI-Diability costs taxpayers $300 to $400 billion a year!!!

  • bmcclure0561dad -

    I do believe in FDR;s WPA program.Many of the bridges, national parks, dams……etc were built by putting to work the homeless and unemployed in the 30's and 40's. A county bridge below our family farm has a WPA 1938 stamped into the concrete and is still standing to this day. Instead of adding to the hopelessness of the unappreciated, the government could rebuild self-esteem like they did with the WPA.

  • SoldierUSArmy -

    I really want the 1930's Work Progress Adminstration to be restored to stop homelessness and poverty!!!

  • bmcclure0561dad -

    Yea, I agree, I would rather be working in my field of choice "Systems Analyst", but once you have gotten cancer and the other things in my long list of health problems, the Globalist Corporations dont want anything to do with you. So, now I make do by working at anything I can get that is legal, do not report what little income I make "Deny me my SS $ and they have no moral authority over me", and devout some of my time speaking out against our corrupt, NWO, Constitution burning government

  • bmcclure0561dad -

    Smoke a joint, it will help with the paranoid thoughts, if you are republican, change to democrat, crap yourself at least once a year in Walmart, always talk to yourself when in a government building with camera's, marry a illegal immirgrant, send emails to the White House worshipping Obama, and last but not least, have at least 6 or more kids.

  • bmcclure0561dad -

    Oooooh, sooo sooorry, did me hit the nail on the head, or mywabe wuttal ole me got a wittle to close to the truth! Listen bud, my 6 years fighting pancreatic cancer, and two bouts of Triple A "Abdominal Anuresym" all while trying to get Social Security "Which I Was Denied" makes me a expert on the matter!

  • TheLadyKikio -

    One more thing. If you have a psychotic episode one day, get sent home, and then end up back at the hospital for suicide ideation later that week while you are waiting for the Appeals Council review the case, can that be considered when the case is reviewed?

  • TheLadyKikio -

    I've looked in the car windows, and sometimes the cars are made to look like a regular person's car, but I still get paranoid because I don't like people watching me. If they do, I'm not mad. I just wonder about the protocol for this. Also, do they send people around your house to try and talk to you with random conversations to judge your mental status? Also, if you don't have a driver's license, should that be brought up as a barrier to working with mental issues?

  • TheLadyKikio -

    Does SSA park vehicles in front of your house to watch you while your case is being reviewed in the Appeals Council? I only go outside basically to bring and pickup my kids from school, or go to the grocery store. I have acute mental health issues, and the other times I go out is to bring my autistic son to his doctor, or to meet with his teachers. We go out as a family about 6 times per year for birthdays and maybe once for family functions. This year I started noticing unfamiliar vehicles.

  • SoldierUSArmy -

    Social Security Disability should be abolished as it is a hate crime against the so-called disabled,as there are no disabled people!!!!

  • bmcclure0561dad -

    Here are the Five requirements for Social Security Disability.
    1. Are you school drop out, retard, or a mental midget? If Yes, then go to step 2.
    2. Are you black, hispanic or a democrat? If Yes, then go to step 3.
    3. Did you vote for Obama, or are you a communist? If Yes, then go to step 4.
    4. Are you a Muslim, Atheist, or a Hater of Christians? If Yes, then go to step 5.
    5. Were you born outside of the USA, or here Illegally? If Yes, then congratulations, you qualify for SSDI and ObamaCare

  • Dr. Zabian Crosby -

    This is excellent information for claimants to use during the application and appeals process. Additionally, I would add that not only should claimants be mindful of online activities, but should remain ever diligent regarding parol evidence during the course of appointments with treating and non-treating physicians: Seemingly harmless statements such as reporting to the doctor that the claimant goes to the grocery store and attends Church will be used by overzealous ALJ's to deny claims.

  • ADosageOfReality -

    To add to my last comment, I would certainly hope a judge wouldn't be able to use "written words" from a person's profile either. Unless a person is online expressing his blatant attempts in trying to trick the system, anything he says online should be taken with an open mind as to its relativity to the claimants condition. Some people may over exaggerate online saying things like "yeah, I climbed that mountain", but maybe he's just kidding or maybe it's an inside joke – who knows?

  • ADosageOfReality -

    I think this issue is more of a cautionary tale than any real problem. I don't see how a judge could legally or ethically use a photo (which is simply a snapshot of a single moment in time) and use that as part of his decision process. If anything, I would think if the judge is going to resort to using such subjective images, he should at least allow the claimant the opportunity to explain the photo/video. One cannot possibly extract an exact meaning from a photo without given the full context.

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