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  • Thomas Affolter -

    I practiced for 8 years at the largest, best known firm in Seattle. I absolutely despised it. I left practicing law for my own well being. For me, it was soul destroying. I lost a lot because of my decision, but I had to find a new path in life because being a big shot lawyer just wasn't working for me. Thanks for the video.

  • Cherrose -

    You seriously are one talented young lady … I truly wish all your dreams will come true … I hope you get to read my comment, as I am well award you posted this video 4 months back … I'm trying to watch all your videos lol 😂 SUPER intelligent young lady. 💖🎄✨😘👸🏼🕊

  • jambajan77 -

    I recently discovered your channel and have been binge watching your videos. I live in Toronto as well. I am in the midst of changing careers; after having a car accident and unable to return to my job/career at one of Canada’s top banks left me depressed, anxious stressed out. I was determined to do everything to return. Against the suggestion of my Doctor I told him I would try to go back. Well, within a week of making that decision I found myself in the hospital. The “anxiety” I’ve been feeling was mini heart attacks and I required double bypass surgery; I had 100% blockage in my main left ventricle 😳. I was lucky to be alive and stumped the Doctors as to how I was able to live. The recovery was rough however, I realized no matter how much I loved my career it was not one that was best for my health. I am now focused on what makes me truly happy, and passionate ( health and beauty) and also wanting to help people not making a bank more money. I’m now considering a career as a esthetician which is a big difference in pay which makes me hesitate but I truly believe that if you pursue your passion the money will follow. Congratulations on your new career path and good luck in school!

  • Allscool - -

    Wow this is the type of person that can just do anything they set their minds to. First she became a corporate lawyer at a good firm after completing a lot of schooling. After that she randomly writes a book, gets in published and wins something out of it too. Then she decides to pursue a PHD which I am sure she'll be successful in too. Best of luck to you!

  • gottahaveshades -

    I wish you luck. Getting a PhD was the best experience of my life. Unfortunately, the aftermath is not great. Knowing the best experience of your life is behind you is disheartening. Hopefully, you are a very extroverted person and will enjoy teaching.Just be prepared to be extremely tenacious if you plan to try for an academic job.

  • KaleeDreams -

    Great story. I have a Masters degree and I am not happy due to stress too. I went to school for security, but never realized how stressful the corporate world was. Now I am seeking my journey for happiness in ways of making a living.

  • MakeupIsMyAddiction -

    Kudos to you. I struggle with the decision to quit my job on a daily basis. I stay because I do like the comfort of having a steady source of income, especially with the amount of student loan debt that I have incurred. I now suffer from terrible migraines and anxiety because of my current job. I’m hopeful for the day when I can take the leap of faith and move on to something better.

  • V -

    I’m a licensed paralegal in Toronto and I’ve been thinking about writing my LSAT but my biggest fear is the stress level that women experience in the industry. I love your videos by the way!!

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