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  • Thomas Affolter -

    I practiced for 8 years at the largest, best known firm in Seattle. I absolutely despised it. I left practicing law for my own well being. For me, it was soul destroying. I lost a lot because of my decision, but I had to find a new path in life because being a big shot lawyer just wasn't working for me. Thanks for the video.

  • Cherrose -

    You seriously are one talented young lady … I truly wish all your dreams will come true … I hope you get to read my comment, as I am well award you posted this video 4 months back … I'm trying to watch all your videos lol 😂 SUPER intelligent young lady. 💖🎄✨😘👸🏼🕊

  • jambajan77 -

    I recently discovered your channel and have been binge watching your videos. I live in Toronto as well. I am in the midst of changing careers; after having a car accident and unable to return to my job/career at one of Canada’s top banks left me depressed, anxious stressed out. I was determined to do everything to return. Against the suggestion of my Doctor I told him I would try to go back. Well, within a week of making that decision I found myself in the hospital. The “anxiety” I’ve been feeling was mini heart attacks and I required double bypass surgery; I had 100% blockage in my main left ventricle 😳. I was lucky to be alive and stumped the Doctors as to how I was able to live. The recovery was rough however, I realized no matter how much I loved my career it was not one that was best for my health. I am now focused on what makes me truly happy, and passionate ( health and beauty) and also wanting to help people not making a bank more money. I’m now considering a career as a esthetician which is a big difference in pay which makes me hesitate but I truly believe that if you pursue your passion the money will follow. Congratulations on your new career path and good luck in school!

  • Allscool - -

    Wow this is the type of person that can just do anything they set their minds to. First she became a corporate lawyer at a good firm after completing a lot of schooling. After that she randomly writes a book, gets in published and wins something out of it too. Then she decides to pursue a PHD which I am sure she'll be successful in too. Best of luck to you!

  • gottahaveshades -

    I wish you luck. Getting a PhD was the best experience of my life. Unfortunately, the aftermath is not great. Knowing the best experience of your life is behind you is disheartening. Hopefully, you are a very extroverted person and will enjoy teaching.Just be prepared to be extremely tenacious if you plan to try for an academic job.

  • anye76 -

    well things fell in your lap honey. idk if you realize it or not but you are glowing. your new venture has you gleefully giddy. very refreshing to see. the best to you

  • Tracy Lynn -

    It takes a lot of guts to do what you did. You should be very proud of yourself. You should be proud of your accomplishments so far and the ones you are headed for. Bravo!!!!!

  • KaleeDreams -

    Great story. I have a Masters degree and I am not happy due to stress too. I went to school for security, but never realized how stressful the corporate world was. Now I am seeking my journey for happiness in ways of making a living.

  • MakeupIsMyAddiction -

    Kudos to you. I struggle with the decision to quit my job on a daily basis. I stay because I do like the comfort of having a steady source of income, especially with the amount of student loan debt that I have incurred. I now suffer from terrible migraines and anxiety because of my current job. I’m hopeful for the day when I can take the leap of faith and move on to something better.

  • Kira Kjear -

    Wow, I am so impressed with your decision to go back to school. I just had a schoolmate that will be going to law school after being a dentist for a few years. Takes guts to make that change!

  • V -

    I’m a licensed paralegal in Toronto and I’ve been thinking about writing my LSAT but my biggest fear is the stress level that women experience in the industry. I love your videos by the way!!

  • nina t -

    that was so brave of you! good for you for making that tough decision to better your life in some way and to make yourself happier.

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