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Immigration CASE PROCESSING Times Have SLOWED DOWN; USA Immigration Lawyer (2018)

Immigration CASE PROCESSING Times Have SLOWED DOWN; USA Immigration Lawyer (2018)

Immigration Case Processing Times Have Slowed Down!

In this video, I discuss the average case processing times for the I-130, I-485, I-360, I-765, I-751 and N-400. Immigration is taking much longer to process these petitions and applications.

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  • Reem Ali -

    Hi McBean,
    My I130 case has been approved and it has been sent to the NVC. My husband is currently living in Malaysian and I am 23 weeks pregnant. I really want him to come to the United States during my delivery time. I am really scared that the process at the NVC will take a long time because it took us a year until we got the approval from the USCIS. Is there anything I can do to make the process a little faster, and how long does it usually take at the NVC? Please help!
    Thank you so much and have a wonderful day:)

  • Wizplyn Hotspot -

    My dad is an immigrant he as permanent resident but not green card he is filing for me and my younger sister we are under 18 am 16 she is 12 he is filing us he said, too many comment please reply mine

  • ifte islam -

    Hello ma’am,My mum applied for me from California 2016 in may.September 2016 I got conformation letter now 2019 but nothing yet,I’m 30.what should I do now plz if u guide me I would be kind to u

  • McDonald Tshwaranang -

    I have a question. I graduated college in December and I applied for my i765 on October 30th. Now I was told I have three moths after graduation to either find a job or go home. Since it is taking USCIS 4.1 months on average to process Work Authorizations what should I do? Because it is not my fault if I pass the three months waiting for the I765.

  • missoufi -

    I have applied in febuary 2018 for the I130 visa process. I submitted all the documents to NVC a month ago, I received an email from Paris Embassy yesterday saying they have an approved petition for my application but still no appointment for an interview. Does anybody knows how long it usually takes to get an appointment in european countries ?
    We applied for an expedite process as my husband is in the US army but it doesn’t seem to change anything… 10 months have passed since we started the process.

  • Wilma Dedace -

    Hi hello,i just wanna ask about my Noa2. Im waiting for almost 8 month now.i dont have any news and my petitioner did not recieve any letter.i am confuse of what happen.what should i do!.
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you.

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