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Intellectual Property Law – Tutorial 1 – Introduction

Intellectual Property Law – Tutorial 1 – Introduction

This is my first tutorial on Intellectual Property law. Many more will follow and I will cover all topics more in detail.

I will mainly focus on UK/EU IP law :).

This video provides an introduction into IP law and the different types of IP.

Please rate, comment, leave feedback, subscribe :). If you want me to cover a specific topic, message me and I’ll try my very best to cover it!



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  • vikalp maheshwari -

    i do have a question. Like patents are restricted / reserved for only the country in which it has been made but recognized by other countries , what happens with trademarks and copyrights ?

  • Manuel Guerrero -

    Is really a great video. I myself, have concentrated in selling knowledge based services, and now I see bettr what is what in IP. I suggest to make visible the whole page.

    Now I became a follower.

    Manuel Guerrero

  • Paula Gonzalez -

    Perfect! I'm a first year BA student and interested in learning more about law (overall I guess) and this really helped to understand what it is without getting too complicated. You just give us the gist and explain it wonderfully so thanks!

  • Sassi Neri -

    Very nice simple video, thank you for making these 🙂 I think one can never educate themselves enough and watching videos like this is a very painless way of doing that. I watched it during dinner, because I have an essay to write on IP and need a general idea what it is all about. 🙂 So again, thanks 😉

  • Mohammed et les prophéties bibliques -

    Thank you for your video that is very clear
    In french IP law, the know-how is not considered as an IP right. Indeed, the know know is only protected by the confidentiality. If it is communicated to a third person that is not subject to a confidentiality of obligation, the know-how fails in the public domain

    I am surprised that know-how is protected by US/UK IP law. Is it possible to brought an infringement action related to the know how in UK/US ? (not possible in France)

  • jayleeds2006 -

    This is great. I understand that you intended to draw a few parallels here between the UK/EU and US and that your expertise is primarily UK/EU, but I would really like to see a video from you like this for US IP law. If that's asking too much, could you direct me to someone who can do (or has done) something similar to what you've done here? In any case thanks a lot, this was very helpful.

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