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Is It Worth It To Become A Paralegal

Is It Worth It To Become A Paralegal

I go over the value of becoming a paralegal.
I also produce a comic at


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  • Torey K -

    Well i was a paralegal for 14 years…and had no money to become sn attorney…i would have been great. I went into it instead..what a disaster….

  • Evd -

    You don't make a whole lot, but it's better than minimum wage.

    I started off at $18/hr, now make $22/hr. I am in Michigan. I got certified through Sebron University

  • Jamesthacoolcat99 -

    Hi. I have a question? Is it possible to be a paralegal part time on weekends. Specifically in real estate? I am considering stacking this on top of my m-f job. Have you heard of anyone doing this?

  • Candy V. -

    I got an LSAT score of 145 and I'm feeling down in the dumps. So, here I am trying to find something else related to law. Thanks for posting this video. Also, I have the same lamp you have back there. 🤣

  • Scizo Phrenic -

    yeah and also you working as a paralegal have time to pay off your exhuberant college fees working as a paralegal for a couple years before you take on more debt going 4 more years of college to become a lawyer.

  • Ailed Montague -

    Can you get an associates in paralegal studies then work your way towards a lawyer? If you want to continue your education for a bachelors, what are some recommended majors? Poli sci?

  • J Wild -

    What are my chances of being a paralegal, and working up to being a great Corporate lawyer cause my dream is to become a well paid lawyer

  • mapari12527 -

    Hello my name is Tanmay and i am from India and i am working as a paralegal associate at sessions … can you please guide me on .. for a better future…


  • Kyran Howard -

    I have a question sir, I just graduated in CRJ and I want to become a paralegal, should I go straight to the certificate or get a legal assisting certificate?

  • Spencer Andersen -

    I like how the video emphasizes pursuing paralegal work rather than going directly to law school. I'd compare it to advising someone who wants to work in a medical field starting out as a nurse or PA rather than going straight to medical school. There's no need for everyone interested in treating people to jump through the hoops of the MCAT, medical school, medical licensing exams, residency, and fellowships. Similarly, there's no need for everyone with strong research, writing, communication, and social skills to jump through the hoops of the LSAT, law school, the bar exam, summer associate positions, and judicial clerkships.

    I think it's also good to note not all paralegals work in Biglaw or even in firms (for that matter). Many companies like Kroger, State Farm, Anheuser Busch (ABInbev) and even Walmart have their own corporate legal departments. They handle (among other things) documents and paperwork related to mergers and acquisitions, employment law, regulatory affairs, and corporate compliance. Often, attorneys who don't want to work in private practice end up there, and report higher rates of job satisfaction.


  • Carol D. -

    I have my paralegal certification and have been working as a paralegal since I was 18. I am now 25 and considering law school. I have done pretty much everything an attorney does including court duties. Hope I do well in law school.

  • L A -

    I have been a legal secretary since I was 20 years old, I have been in the private field and with the state, I have been wanting to go to law school for sometime, I'm 33 now and I feel that going to law school now would be wasted time, I already do most of the work but it seems like the only logical step is a law degree. Would you recommend law school at my age?

  • Gina Nollette -

    This is a very true view of Attorneys and Paralegals. When I graduated from college I was 45 and had two young children so I decided to forego law school and went to Paralegal School. I was able to do it online through Boston University. I’ve been working as a Paralegal for 5 years now and I’ve become an experienced litigation Paralegal. I’ve worked in Estate Planning, Family, Criminal, Business, and wrongful death litigation where I got to work on federal trials in many states. I have a lot of experience now and I now work in Personal Injury Litigation assisting Plaintiff’s Counsel. I’m also a member of Paralegal Division at the Texas State Bar Association which allows for Bro Bono hours and a lot of CLE. My kids are grown now and I’m now considering law school and what he said in the video is so true. I feel so much more confident now about law school because I already know how to research and draft pleadings. I know civil procedures and can understand the legal process. I do make very good money as a Paralegal because of having my Bachelor’s degree as well as having attended a four year university for Paralegal School. I will have a much better chance getting a job now that I have this experience. It’s not for everyone, it’s a lot of work and can be very stressful at times but it’s very rewarding work and attorney’s today really appreciate all that we do.

  • Alexander Smith -

    After researching, I think becoming a lawyer is one of the best investments you can make if not the first. Work hard, play hard, represent yourself for something if it happens.

  • Robin Gacud -

    I’m interested in becoming a paralegal and planning to start taking courses at a local community college spring semester. I have a question, is it hard for males to get jobs as a paralegal?

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