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Law Jobs – Being A Corporate Bankruptcy Lawyer

Law Jobs – Being A Corporate Bankruptcy Lawyer

Corporate bankruptcy law jobs are explored in this video with corporate bankruptcy attorney Scott Gautier of Peitzman Weg in Los Angeles. Scott tells us all about these types of lawyers.

Scott explains that corporate bankruptcy lawyers get to climb into someone’s business that’s in distress and really help them out by providing legal options and empowering them to move forward. These types of lawyers represent debtors and analyze the universe of claims against the business from creditors. Scott says it’s an exciting and intense path that involves lots of analyzing, investigating, litigating and helping.

Whether you’re in law school, debating whether you should go to law school or wondering what to do with a law degree, check out what Scott has to say about these careers for lawyers. In the full interview on being a corporate bankruptcy lawyer at JDCOT, Scott tells host Marc Luber about a typical day, what skills and personality types best fit bankruptcy law jobs, how to break in and how to succeed.

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