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Get ready for a mega battle between lawyers and chartered accountants! The Society Of Indian Law Firms is going after the Big 4 accounting firms for the un-authorised practice of law! Aayush Ailawadi

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19 Comments - Leave a Comment
  • shubham aggarwal -

    Chartered Accountants are way more knowledgable than lawyers. CA's have a right to advise and offer other legal services. It's within the ambit of law.

  • somenath mitra -

    Whatever the CA firms are serving to it's clients ….these all are within the scope defined by the respective statute of the country….& If clients are more comfortable with ca's than lawyers in some specific issues then there is no base of that allegation.!!!

  • Yesha Lakdawala -

    This both profession are good in their own way because without them country should not work

  • Adv Meenakshi Sharma -

    Mr. Bhasin is right somehow as every profession should have confined somewhere. CA is a very intellectual profession as I am a proud member of this community but legality is something that should be briefcase of a Lawyer and should be especially meant for this honorable profession called Advocate.

  • happy thilla -

    lawyers don't know tax. if lawyers doing tax mean they do accountants work. by the way I'm a both llb and CA finalist and have understanding in both. I'm sure CA would have 5 times better understanding on tax and same understanding in contract drafting of lawyer. when u r a company accountant why u hire lawyer to draft small contract it's 5 minutes work for accountant.


    Let them know that we studied Partnership Act in 11th standard and Income Tax Law in B Com.
    Law and Acts are in our blood now.
    In contrast, i have seen lawyers who file Income Tax Returns. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gaurav Gupta -

    Mr. Bhasin is completely wrong. A client is free to take legal advice from anyone who he feels can render useful advice. CA's are therefore eligible to give legal advice and appear before the tribunals. A CA can argue on both facts and law before a tribunal. A CA can also do drafting if he knows the procedural laws to draft legal documents. The only thing that a CA cannot do is to wear a black gown and represent a client in any case before the Supreme Court and High Court.

  • Utkarsh Maheshwari -

    That lawyer is an illiterate…… CA's can be authorised representatives as provided by law……they r just jealous of CA's

  • alif angga -

    this lawyer is clueless. Chartered accountants don't only perform audits. They also do tax. In fact they are more qualified to advice clients on matters pertaining tax if compared to lawyers. Tax laws are still well within their field of expertise. It's not like they advice clients on civil cases.

  • pankaj rajgor -

    I believe lawyers have all right to appear before courts. But as far as legal advice is concerned, I think it's sole discretion of person obtaining the advice from he wants.

  • sher Khan -

    lawyers are Noble profession ca are not doing duty to Serv the society… there contribution is useless

  • Eagle Search News -

    The Legal aspect of the chartered accountancy work is too complicated for just Lawyers to handle especially when it comes to taxation. Lawyers stand the risk of giving in accurate advise when it comes tax laws and other business related laws. Let balance the two field in this argument.

  • Rojal Shrestha -

    As far as I know Chartered Accountants are eligible and qualified for making legal advices as said by pankaj Jain , they are taken exams relating to diffrent fields of laws, taxation laws and highly exposed to practical field undergoing articleship training. so they are perfect blend of practical and theoritical knowledge.

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