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Legal English Vocabulary VV 26 – Contract Law (Lesson 1) | Business English Vocabulary

Legal English Vocabulary VV 26 – Contract Law (Lesson 1) | Business English Vocabulary

This episode of is the first of our two-part series on English vocabulary related to business contracts. In this lesson, we’ll look at the key principles behind contracts and contract law.


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  • James Tenn -

    The method to dispute resolution should be defined within the contract. For example, should the need to go to court arise, the jurisdiction is typically set forth in the contract.

  • ironmaniatiko -

    In fact, the agreemend as referred to in the video refers to an international agreement (a treaty) that might be violated. (which is a good example of frustration).

  • Order of Merchants -

    Uniform Commercial Code 1-201(3) "Agreement", as distinguished from "contract", means the bargain of the parties in fact, as found in their language or inferred from other circumstances, including course of performance, course of dealing, or usage of trade as provided in Section

    1-201(12) "Contract", as distinguished from "agreement", means the total legal obligation that results from the parties' agreement as determined by the UCC as supplemented by any other applicable laws.


    Thank you for the reply! I saw the video, I appreciate the basic information and terms it gives on contract's matters. However the legal terms, used in practice are much more in number, different in depth and aspects, having nuances regarding to their use in material or procedure law, depending on stages of the court development of the case or the characteristics of the involved parties. I would gladly see some more videos from your series. Thank you once again for the quick answer!

  • Wizdomtrek -

    It's helpful in that it helps in familiarizing you with the nomenclature of legalese; a subject matter of considerable importance in circumnavigating this social maze of craziness.

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