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Meet Sabrina, Corporate Lawyer

Meet Sabrina, Corporate Lawyer

In this video series, the Student Success Centre sits down with Western alumni to discuss their career stories.


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  • Violet Roy -

    Her best point was the last one, around 8-9 minutes. Those going to law school greatly underestimate how damaging it is to work in a job you hate and is soul-crushing. While you're working hard to fulfill the dreams of others and lining their pockets, life has passed you by. I've always been very realistic and certainly have never been rich, but I will still say there's a lot of merit in doing work that you truly care about it. Lawyers are paper-pushers and as such there's rarely any emotional attachment to our work; while others dream big we keep pushing precedent and bygone rules. My perception may be wrong, and while Sabrina seems content, she's similar to how many lawyers are: no passion or enthusiasm when they talk about their work. Compare this to people who actually create something– tangible or otherwise–and have followed their dreams, and notice the difference. Years in the legal field and I finally choose the latter.

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