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my new job v2.33 | THIS GETS MESSY | a tax lawyer vlog

my new job v2.33 | THIS GETS MESSY | a tax lawyer vlog

A promotion is a time to reflect and appreciate those that have helped you along your career journey. This week I have my first day in my new role in our Washington DC office. And things get a bit messy…

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  • Benjamin Depperschmidt -

    Congratulations on the promotion Doug! As a student hoping to work for PwC when I graduate, these videos are informative and extremely motivating. Looking forward to more great content!

  • ryan lane -

    This is great, Doug! Sorry to hear about your dad. I have been wondering one thing, how do you manage to be an intrapreneur in such a large organization? I'm finding more and more that I have an entrepreneurial bug I want to cultivate, but have a hard time navigating how to do that within an organization.

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