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my new job v2.33 | THIS GETS MESSY | a tax lawyer vlog

my new job v2.33 | THIS GETS MESSY | a tax lawyer vlog

A promotion is a time to reflect and appreciate those that have helped you along your career journey. This week I have my first day in my new role in our Washington DC office. And things get a bit messy…

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  • Iris Zhang -

    Congrats!!!! It’s amazing how u got time to film with such a busy schedule. Looking forward to an episode on time management!

  • Isaiah Morelos -

    I loved your talk on being well rounded πŸ™‚ Let's strive to be our best! And thank you for these vlogs!

  • Charlie Doty -

    This is great Doug, wish you best in the role. Let me know next time you are in my neck of the woods, would love to catch up! You are awesome!!

  • Benjamin Depperschmidt -

    Congratulations on the promotion Doug! As a student hoping to work for PwC when I graduate, these videos are informative and extremely motivating. Looking forward to more great content!

  • D M -

    I really enjoy your content. Such great filming, editing, and music! Congratulations on your new role.

  • ryan lane -

    This is great, Doug! Sorry to hear about your dad. I have been wondering one thing, how do you manage to be an intrapreneur in such a large organization? I'm finding more and more that I have an entrepreneurial bug I want to cultivate, but have a hard time navigating how to do that within an organization.

  • Aaron Marshall -

    Your content is excellent, please don't stop creating any time soon! Congratulations on your new role too!

  • meng cai -

    Hi Doug, congratulations, and I am sure your Dad will be proud of you. Please vlog more about your new role and tell us how it goes. Enjoy πŸ™‚

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