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New California Employment Laws for 2018

New California Employment Laws for 2018

For many years, businesses that kept their workforce below fifty employees were able to avoid having to cope with some of the more onerous federal and state employment regulations. In 2018, however, governments are expanding their reach over workplaces with smaller numbers of employees, impacting many “mom and pop” businesses that have not had to worry much about human resources compliance. It’s more important than ever for all businesses, no matter the size, to understand the necessary steps to stay in compliance and avoid costly litigation and regulatory actions.

In this important webinar, Erick Becker, head of the Labor and Employment practice at Cummins and White, will update you on all of the changes to employment law for 2018 on both the state and federal levels, with practical tips for compliance. Topics will include:

• Expansion of “Baby Bonding” leave rights to employers with 20 or more employees
• Prohibition on asking applicants their salary history and using salary history in hiring
• Restrictions on asking about or using criminal conviction information in hiring (“Ban the Box”)
• Penalties for employers that allow ICE workplace visits without a warrant
• New DFEH regulations on transgender identity and expression in the workplace
• New requirements for sexual harassment training
• Expanded Labor Commissioner authority to penalize workplace retaliation
• Legality of class action waivers in arbitration


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  • Fender Guitars -

    illegals are screwed by the new california sub contractor law,… you can't pay them under the table anymore and you have to report accurately all menial labor or you get like a 25,000 fine now ,,..dems have screwed their own voters with this brilliant law ,.. how is one gonna buy workman's comp for an illegal ? LOL HAHAHAHA

  • Middle East Relations -

    I guarantee that American public know their” jurisdiction”better than many officers whom are deprived of general literature and common sense.
    Save the state from wasting money employing unqualified justice officers on all ranks including seniority deputy at labor departments. A lot of US infrastructure would and should be the focus to improvise to stop corruptions prejudice.
    Perjury, prejudice and illiterate are offensive to the constitutions and should be ground to trial.
    Best wishes to the hardworking general American public and the will to change non complaint officers ruling without legal ground or consent.
    There is nothing worse than constitution rifting in the eyes of the general public who enacted the US constitution letters by their blood.

  • Middle East Relations -

    Federal Laws don’t address fair protections against Public Employer. California Labor Commissioner Officers are not fully qualified and are weak before shark attorney protecting rich employer. Most recent hearing on July tge 19th, the officer could not determine if he has power once he heard employer is public. The officer was prejudice and was controlled with the Employer HR politeness. The officer did not even hear the plaintiff and was close to dismiss the case when the plaintiff had to request to amend. The officer stated Plaintiff can either amend or have Subpoena which is not relevant. Plaintiff can serve Subpeona and amend.

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