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Niche Law Jobs – Being A Land Use Lawyer

Niche Law Jobs – Being A Land Use Lawyer

Law jobs in the niche legal practice area of land use are explained in this JDCOT interview with land use lawyer Ben Reznik of Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell in Los Angeles.

Ben explains to JD Careers Out There host Marc Luber that these careers for lawyers are a mix of real estate, zoning, litigation careers and transactional law as well as advocacy and lobbying jobs. Being a lawyer in the land use practice area therefore requires those certain types of people who can be creative in working the politics and policy in with the law.

Whether you’re in law school, debating whether you should go to law school or simply wondering what to do with a law degree, you may want to check out land use law paths. In the full interview at JDCOT, Ben tells us how to break in to land use attorney careers and explains a typical day, what skills and personality types best fit this path, and how to succeed.

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