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NJ Judge – Under Birther NBC Definition Obama is Ineligible – His lawyer agrees

NJ Judge – Under Birther NBC Definition Obama is Ineligible – His lawyer agrees

New Jersey Administrative Law Judge says Obama is ineligible under the Definition of Natural Born Citizen as understood by the Birthers


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  • Leslie Jones -

    There is a petition for congress to investigate in Obama's forged birth certificate and stolen SSNs. Go to orlytaitzesq, and then there's a .com. Scroll down and click on the Statue of Liberty picture to petition.  

    Please pass this on to others! Together we can make a huge difference.  

    To learn more about this issue go to youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=BUcyb5pm­­­­­­­UKI

  • Michael Wise -

    The only problem is, that the term is defined in the Law of Nations. Which wouldn't be such a big deal, except that the Law of Nations is referenced in the Constitution (along with English Common Law) for just such an occasion, and the term has not been redefined at all since then.

  • tgear77 -

    No, the judge did not say Obama is ineligible. He said that if the Birther definition of NBC was upheld, then the Secretary of State of NJ would have to rule that Obama could not be on the ballot. The lawyer agreed with that. The judge did not say that he was ineligible at all.

  • SlackerSlayer -

    Were the Secretary of State to look at the natural born clause,,, At ~2:04 = The Judge used the wrong word at first, "accepted" when he corrected it he said it correctly, "upheld". In other words, 'uphold the LAW'.

    Obama is an unlawful ineligible poser in office, remove him.

    Who is the corruption that keeps him in? Remove them as well.

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