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PA Estate Planning Lawyer: How Much Do Lawyers Charge to …

PA Estate Planning Lawyer: How Much Do Lawyers Charge to …

Most lawyers bill hourly, so you probably won’tt know how much you are getting charged for your will or trust until it gets finished. While lawyers have a right to do this, we prefer to charge one flat rate to draft a will or trust. When you come to see us, your initial consultation will be free of charge. Once we have a better understanding of your financial and family situations, we can give you a specific cost. What’s best for you? You may not need an attorney at all, but if you have a child with special needs and carry a lot of insurance or live in a state with a high probate fee or estate tax, then you will need an attorney to help you.

Our firm focuses on wills and estate planning, and we will give you a flat rate so that you feel comfortable working with us. For a consultation with David Frees call at 610-933-8069 for more information or to set up an appointment.


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