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Planning Career as a Cyber Law Expert | Pavan Duggal

Planning Career as a Cyber Law Expert | Pavan Duggal

Watch India’s leading Cyber Law Expert and Supreme Court Advocate, Pavan Duggal explains how one can create an expert career path in Cyber Law by following these few essentials

About Pavan Duggal:
Practicing as an advocate, Supreme Court of India, for over 2 decades, Pavan Duggal has made an immense impact in the unfolding fields of Cyberlaw and laws related to E-Commerce. His never-ending effort in the above mentioned fields have earned him the reputation of an expert in the fields, both in the National and in the International domain.

He is also associated with the Council of Europe and has been invited, as a speaker, to the IGF summits regularly. He was also the first person from Asia-Pacific who brought to light the need to address the issue of cyber terrorism at the AMIC Conference at Perth, Australia in 2002.

He has been the Legal and Policy Consultant of Internet Mark 2 Project which is examining the next level of Internet. He has been invited to be an associated fellow of the Centre for Asia Pacific Technology Law and Policy (CAPTEL) at Singapore.

Pavan is a member of Asian Domain Names Dispute Resolution Center at Hong Kong.

Pavan Duggal is the President of Cyberlaw Asia, Asia’s first organization committed to the passing of dynamic Cyber laws in the Asian continent.

Pavan is a member of Information Forensic Working Group on e-Information Systems, Security and Audit Association.

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