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Q&A (how much money I make, relationship status and my ethnicity)

Q&A (how much money I make, relationship status and my ethnicity)

*Sorry for the slightly out of focus video, I didn’t realize it until after I filmed the video.

You asked, I answered! I compiled all of the questions I got from you guys about how much money I make, law school, my relationship status, my ethnicity, food recommendations and relationship advice. If you guys have any additional or follow up questions, comment below with #questionsforB and I will answer them in the next Q&A.

+ How much money do I make? 1:06
+ What are the law school drop out rates? 2:27
+ What law school classes do you take? 3:03
+ What classes should I take as an undergrad? 3:46
+ What are your thoughts on part time versus full time? 4:56
+ Do you have a boyfriend? 5:57
+ Do you have any food recommendations for Philly? 6:54
+ Top 3 pie places in New York? 7:35
+ Why do most girls marry down? 8:41
+ How do you guard your heart? 10:27

+ Robert Half Salary Guide
+ Indeed Corporate Counsel Salary
+ Glassdoor Corporate Counsel Salary,17.htm
+ Cleavers (Philly)
+ Zahav (Philly)
+ Mah Ze Dahr Bakery (NYC)
+ Magnolia Bakery (NYC)

+ Suntimes featuring SaxoBen by Loewentanz
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+ My name is Brittany and I’m a lawyer living life in New York. I love showing you guys what my life is like here in New York and what delicious places there are to eat and what fun things there are to do. Your support means the world to me 🙂

Experience NYC through my lens.

  • Graphics by Hannah Lee (

FTC: This video is not sponsored.

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  • Rosemarie Kury -

    Just came upon your videos,. I watched the one on your work day and was really impressed that you do a devotional first thing in the morning! I'm 75 and now wish I'd have thought of law school instead of working for a few years and then married. I worked at a communications company for 28 years though and I've done a lot of reading. You look like you'll be very successful at law! Was going to ask if you were related to Amy Tan the writer, but now realize that that's your married last name.

  • Jenny Titus -

    Guarding your heart is a cop out. Disappointment is part of life. Sometimes, when things don't work out in relationships, you just have to move on. However, don't guard your heart so much that you don't let things happen as they should.

  • No No -

    You didn't actually answer the salary question though you gave a $100K+ range. And its not even like that range didn't matter as if it was 500-600K. Your range includes middle class (low) middle class (med) AND middle class (high). I can understand not wanting to share but don't go and put it in the title and the intro to the video.

  • Justin H -

    Great video Brittany! Loved the relationship advice. You're my new therapist! You should start a relationship advice channel, I think it would be great. Also looks like you painted your apartment? 🤗

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