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Signs You have Won Your Social Security Disability Hearing

Signs You have Won Your Social Security Disability Hearing

“Will the Social Security disability judge approve my case?” I get this question daily on my YouTube channel and in emails or blog comments.

There are some signs that would suggest that your case went well and I discuss these in this video. I definitely think you should pay a lot of attention to both the questions your judge poses to the vocational expert, and the answers offered by the vocational witness.

I would also look at your judge’s approval rate record, and ask your attorney for an unbiased opinion about the strengths and weaknesses in your medical record.

Finally, I would look at and think about your medical record in terms of how it answers the question of whether you would be a reliable employee at a simple, entry-level job. That is the threshold question in any Social Security disability hearing. #socialsecuritydisability #ssdi #disabilitybenefits #socialsecuritydisabilityhearing #ssi #jonathanginsberg #socialsecuritydisability attorney
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  • LVAngelradio -

    The judge asked the vocational representative about several different limitations. Each time more limitations and severity. For the first two or three The Vocational rep said I would be able to work. But the last one was a firm no. That's when the judge concluded the case. I feel like because I got a no and we ended on the word no that has to be a good thing. I want to think that because the vocational rep said no I wouldn't be able to work and there were no jobs for me that has to be an approval.

  • Robyne Williams-heller -

    I worked my entire life. But I was injured in 2007 at the age of 40. Shortly after I developed autonomic neuropathy. I applied for SSD on my own and was approved. However, I was in a very abusive marriage for 30 years. When it was time for me to reapply my husband who had a severe NPD and serious drug issues was unusually CRUEL to me. I missed my reapplication. He stole my medicine,which resulted in my being discharged from my dr. He isolated me put me through Hell on top off my physical pain. He recently passed. A few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night and found him dead. It's been a horrible experience. I'm trying to reinstate my SSD. I just received my forms a couple days ago. However due to the nature of the abusive situation I haven't seen a doctor in quite some time. I really need to get well. Both physically and mentally. What are my chances of getting my benefits reinstated and getting the insurance back so that I may receive treatment and the turn around time? I'm really not very well. Please respond. He had isolated me for so long I don't really have any one. Any advice?

  • Daniel Weaver -

    Quick question sir, I was recently diagnosed with, st elevation myocardial infarction, CAD coronary artery disease, Diabetes, HTN hypertension. My dad thinks I should apply for disability. My question to you sir is. Based on my listings above should I bother? I really don't know. Thank you

  • Pamela Pendley -

    I had my hearing about a month ago and the vocational expert had listed 4 jobs that I could possibly do then the judge asked her about my limitations for each potential job and on each of them she said she precludes. What does that mean?

  • Nathan Bauman -

    I just had a case yesterday and when he was asking the expert questions he listed 4 jobs I could do Janitor, dishwasher, box maker and one other I don't recall. But then he asked if I could do the jobs if there where any irritants that could cause problems and the expert said that yes dust or others could impair my ability. The judge then asked if there were any jobs I could do that would allow me to miss a couple of days of work each month and he said no. I do have some physical problems but I feel my mental health out weighs the physical. My biggest issue I feel is my memory problems, I've had an issue with remembering everything from doctor's appointments to remembering to keep in contact with family. I hope I have a case because I'm struggling right now.

  • Vivian Shepherd -

    V.E. listed 1 job as cab driver. Had my hearing Dec.2018. had limitations on medical records. 25 years retail manager. Is that good sign I get approved?


    They said if I got a job I would be fired. The one job they said I could get I have already had and got fired.

  • The AV Room -

    This is round two for me. My previous attorney kept asking for extensions didn't communicate with me well at all, didn't prep me well for my hearing, advised me I didn't need to be present at my supplemental vocational hearing, lost and appealed, lost again, filed suit in federal court, made a mistake on the in forma pauperis waiver which my attorney neglected to inform me of, then fired her paralegal of 15 years over it and the federal judge dismissed the case. Again six years in round two ugh.

  • That Girl Mendez -

    I won my case last year but what should i expect when the judge asked to see me again in 2 years and see how im doing ??? How can i keep recieving SSI for my mental illness after the 2 years???

  • Bro -

    I had my 2nd hearing yesterday went perrty good lasted 20 min lawyer said he was 90 percent sure am Genna get approved

  • Kendra FILARY -

    Ya know I went over what I was allowed to make by a few bucks about 5 times in second 5 year period of still being in that probationary time. So they wanted every cent they ever gave me back with was about 13,000 So I had a hearing with a disabilty judge and my testomony showed that I went over because of special training my employeer granted to me because of my disability to help me keep up with my team members and learn the new menu item or drink they were adding to the menu. I was under the impression that it was a justifable and reasonable situation that was not punishable by ssa if it caused me to exceed my alloted gross income as long as it wasnt a large amount or a regular accurance witch it wasn't to either of those sercumstances. So I was not supprissed the decided i was not responsible to have to pay the moneys back to ssa. Than about a month later I got a letter from ssa telling me that they overturned the judges ruling and I was resposible for the over payment. How is that a fair hearing. It isn't so I just decided to pay them 10 a month for the rest of my life so that they would not hold my benifits hostage from me

  • Kendra FILARY -

    I have bben disabeled since 1998 and know have status of permently disabled they say I will never work again.
    About 10 years ago a case worker from ssa told me i should be intiteled to disabilituy before age 21 with would be a great help to because than i could get my moms social security with is 1100 more a month than my 835 I get and cant make it on.
    The claim was unfortantly denied because the hospital that I was a resident in because of my disabilitys when I was 14yers old the first time had purged all its records and there for my case couldnt be proved. Than by chance about 2 years ago I googled my name for the hell of it and a law suit my mother had against her insurance company over the payment of my speach therepy while in the hospital when I was 14 wasn't [aod by them and my mom had a milloion dollar lawsuit against them concerning this and their stance was that ssa should pay for my speech therepy because i was disabled and not them. They won their case witch should mean I would win my case because it proves I was disabled by the courts my insurance the hospital and ssa whom paid for my speech therepy do to my disability.
    So if I am right how come I cant get no help in abtaining back pay and a benifits letter stating I was disabiled before age 21

  • Addie Lewis McCloskey -

    Thank you for this. I did find it helpful. My judge did ask the vocation expert if there were jobs I could do. She mentioned 3, all of which required me to use my hands which are compromised. (taking me forever to write this. I have lost 70% of my tactile sensation) When he asked her the question of "Is there any employer that would allow me to call out, frequently, take breaks excessively, ect…" she said "No." That was 3 months ago, still waiting….. fingers crossed! I'm 48 and I know age can be a factor.

  • MrScott3060 -

    I believe that the folks who win there case are the once that dont need it!! I have three Friends who won there case one guy said he had 2 herniated disc I have seen him digging in his yard he plays golf.
    The other two had one Heart Attack each with one stent each and won there case!
    I had three Heart Attacks with 6 stents and a Stroke and you guessed it they denied me!

    How does that make any sense at all? They said with my 30 plus years in my Industry I should be able to get a sales manager job working at home LOL
    I would have a better chance of finding Bigfoot!!
    The problem might be that I did not file right away but thats because I did NOT want to go on Disability I tried to work but after several falls and People freaking out wanting me to go to ER I realized I was in denial so then I filed.
    I thought about contacting my Congressman to ask him to look into this because I havent worked in two years because I cant even make it more tham a couple hours without getting dizzy and having chest pains.
    And by the way my Heart was down to 22% now its at 34% I was told I will not survive another Heart attack and the odds are much greater if I attempt to work.

    As I said its for People that dont want to work, People that paid into it for 40 years get NOTHING.

  • CNN -

    Thanks to you I now know my Judge has a 64% approval rating for 2018 going back to 2009 nothing less then 60% and 70% at his highest, I know he is fair and values credibility over all. This is all great information to know before going into court, again thank you I'm getting more and more positive about my chances I go March 21st.

  • Cat Holley -

    I had my hearing a few days ago, The Judge did just as you described, he explained that my medical records confirmed my complaint.He then asked the Vocational witness, what my work history, she recited numbers for each skill, which I didnt under stand. He then asked the Hypothetical question, if I could perform at a low level job such as a fast food position, she answered, no. My Lawyer felt very good about it, told me to go home and relax, and wait on the letter. Now its up to the SSAB. My Lawyer stated its very rare for them to appeal a Judges ruling, as he has only seen one case appealed.

  • Joe S -

    I had my hearing dec 19th and my alj was very very nice.durring my vocational questioning it came back twice i could do a job but the first and 4th/final question both were no jobs. Then she found out i had surgery on my foot and asked if i would sign a medical release form so she could put it in evidence even though it wasnt part of my case.if she was planning on denying my claim do you think she would have asked for that stuff?

  • Ser Ser -

    I lost my medicine papers Evidence I was not relaxing is important I throw away in garbage about long ago. Should I still won my cases?? That why I keep waiting about 3 years don’t get a favorable decision. Should I won my case again? Why do I do???

  • Cindy Williams -

    Thank you for ur very insightful and gives me ideas that hopefully will help me in the future.
    My question is, will it help to have character letters from coworkers that have seen the actual struggle.

  • Jamiyah Moore -

    I had a hearing in September and the vocational guy said their were no jobs and I had a not from my doctor and mental therapist stating I have severe enough medical problems. Is is taking so long because its a sign I won??

  • Buff anderson -

    I just had my hearing 12/31/18, the VE came up with a few awkward jobs they said i can do for first hyphotheis, but said no to secondary and third hypothesis questions, as well as stating no i wouldn't be able to do the same line of work I use to do… judge asked no further questions. But off the record he told me I should really apply for state insurance ( basically state welfare) so i can get medical attention i need and proceeded to talk to me about sports and the college he went to. Dont know if any of this is good signs. If there is anynody in the comments who has input please feel free to tell me what you think

  • kareesa Barbel -

    Just had my hearing today judge asked vocational witness 2 questions the 1st question was if someone to sit and alternate standing throughout the day 20% are there any jobs the vo stated yes 3 then the judge asked a 2nd question about laying down for 1 hour duting the day the vo stated no sedentary jobs and those were the only questions the judge asked he stated he had enough evidence and it was over I have strong medical evidence I have had 3 surgeries herniated disc in the cervical and lumbar area can't use my dominant arm and hand I have 4 specialist saying I can't work and need several breaks and that I would probably be out of work 4-6 days a month and can't use left arm my lawyer says I was credible and he believes I will be approves I don't want to get my hopes up but what do you think.

  • katie dangelo -

    I have been sick with Ms (most likely) for 25 years I applied for SSI 8 years ago when I lost my final judge hearing I struggled on and off working. My last job with children ended in the hospital and not being able to swallow and loosing an excessive amount of weight. Still no one would help me medically… I finally ended up in a psyc ward degraded same just in a lot of pain. Finally drs are listening treating and looking at a dx rulling things out on the path to Ms.

    My question is: how does ms qualify for SSI and what symptoms are more likely to help qualify me?

  • Trevor Glover -

    Im diagnosed with ptsd and bipolar 1 and I had no lawyer at my social security hearing hearing will that hurt my chances of being approved?

  • End time Bride of Christ Raymond Jacksons sermons -

    wait years or months omust naver eat and be on a inch of being homeless in just maybe your get approved.

  • N F -

    Attorney Ginsberg, I want to thank you for your excellent and informative videos on SSD. I retained counsel in my case and recently was advised that I prevailed. The process from filing to the final decision was approximately 7 months that included a medical IMA and Consultive IMA. I did not have an appeal or need for a hearing before a judge. Although I had a well known law firm representing my case, the best advise and information I received to prevail in my case, came from you and your very informative videos. I watched very many of them. I do want you to be aware though that I initially contacted you and was referred to another firm because I live on the East Coast. Your referred firm actually told me that I did not have a good case and was not interested to represent me. However, they were very wrong in their analysis. Fortunately, I persevered and contacted a well known firm in my area who realized that I had a slam dunk case at the onset. You might want to revisit some of your referred firms because I’m not sure they’re on their game.
    Thank you again for your wonderful videos on SSD. All the best to you Attorney Ginsberg!

  • Ashley Jennings -

    the ALJ at my hearing said that i had lower than average intelligence and Schizophrenia is that a sign that i was approved ?

  • shannon11590 -

    Mr. Ginsberg, thanks for the helpful videos which I wished I'd seen prior to my hearing in October, whereas the judge ask me a lot (most) of the questions about my level of education, work history, medical treatment, surgeries, meds, etc. I've been fully disabled since early 07' after an auto accident. I've had (3) anterior cervical spine/fusion surgeries with (4) level posterior fusion with severe nerve damage/pain in left arm/hand, I now have another disk pressing my spinal cord and nothing can be done without causing more problems, together with severe back/leg pain w/balance issues, I've also had (2) left shoulder surgeries and left with numbing/weak-upper left extremity/arm/dominate left hand, I also have COPD, Irreg. Heartbeat, and HB, and very limited to sitting, standing, walking, and lifting no more than 5 lbs.

    The judge ask VE if theres any job I could do in my field of law enforcement exp., or with my high level of education, and if there was any non-professional jobs I could do, and the VE answered "No" to any jobs I could do in those areas mostly because of my (left) dominate hand pain/numbness w/inability to repetitious activity/writing, etc. The Judge ended the hearing after about 30-40 minutes and kindly thanked me for coming, advising I would be receiving his answer.

    As I was leaving I heard the VE ask the Judge "are we going all the way back to 16", and the Judge answered, "Yes we're going back to 2016" which was when I first applied for SSA. What does the last part mean? and what do you think my chances of approval is? because my attorney said the hearing was very promising with an high chance of approval……

    Today, my attorney learned the judge has made his decision and case sent to legal dept. for typing response as it's been 6 weeks since my hearing! Thanks again for any answers you can provide….

  • wolfgang -

    I just have my 3rd appeal and got morgan and morgan I had three car accidents in less than two years and all the medicals documents to prove as well. MY brother had same attorney and he got his but he had to have surgery and I have not. I spoke with my attorney and the indicated that if they didin' think that they could win, they would have taken my case. Please let me know if anyone has had similar situations.

  • John Powell -

    In your experience, which decisions take longer….favorable or unfavorable? I had my hearing 10/25, do you think I’ll know something before the new year?

  • rmspeedy1775 -

    My brother who is 100% medical disabled with the VA and the vocational witness said there was no jobs available due to his limitations, the judge still denied his case based on his age. His lawyer was really surprised of the ruling.

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