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Social Security Disability Lawyers – Questions to Ask Before Hiring Them

Social Security Disability Lawyers – Questions to Ask Before Hiring Them

In this video Marc Whitehead, Board Certified Social Security Disability Lawyer, explains questions you should ask a Lawyer before hiring them.

Statistics show claimants can double their chances of winning their disability claim if they have an experienced attorney on their side. Picking the right attorney for your disability claim could be one of the most important decisions you’ll ever need to make. Social Security Disability Law can be complex- knowing how to deal with medical experts, vocational experts, grid rules, medical listings, government standards and complex government bureaucracy takes more then a novice.

What should you know about an Attorney before you hire them?
Are they a Licensed Attorney? You don’t have to be a licensed attorney to handle cases before SSA. There are many companies and individuals who call themselves advocates but they are not licensed attorneys. They can handle administrative hearings but they can’t take your case to federal court.

How many years of experience do they have handling Disability Claims?
This area of Law is complex so you want someone with experience.

How many Social Security Hearings before a judge have they handled?
Some Attorneys may have ten years of experience but have only handled a handful of Social Security Hearings. While other may have only a few years of experience but may have handled over 100 cases.

Is Disability Law a Main Focus of their practice?
Many attorneys are General Practitioners and handle many areas of the law. This is fine for simple cases but it may not work in your case.

Ask them to explain the Five Step Sequential Evaluation Process the SSA uses to Determine Disability.
If they can’t do this then they should automatically be removed from your list of possible attorneys because this is basic Social Security Law 101.

Can they explain the SSA’s Application and Appeals Process?
This again is basic Social Security Law, something any credible Social Security Lawyer should know.

Are they Board Certified in Disability Law?
To be certified the Lawyer must have practiced SSD Law for at least 5 years, handled at least 100 hearings before an ALJ, handled 20 cases before the appeals council, and handled at least 10 Federal Appeals. They also have to complete a difficult 8 hour written exam. Most lawyers are not board certified in disability law.

Have they written on the subject of Social Security Disability Law?
What is their Attorney Fee Structure?

Once you have established that they have the necessary experience you’ll wanna explore their reputation.

Check the Attorney’s Internet Reviews
Go to to check the Attorney’s peer review ratings.
Check out for Attorney’s ratings
Has designated them as a SuperLawyer?
Ask about the Lawyer’s Honors, Recognition & Organizational Memberships.
Is the Lawyer a member of NOSSCR?

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  • war dawg -

    i was told attorneys first apply for someones disability in a manor in which the case will be denied ,, so it begins the long process allowing back money to be built up so they can get paid the 25% of a larger amount ????

  • cat luva -

    I'm my case they took away my disability then refused to give me the appeal when I formally requested one. I can't get even an incompetent lawyer to help get my appeal.

  • The Life of Queen Pen -

    hi, thank you for the video. just curious as to why question 7 are they board certified wouldn't be the first question since that one kind of answers some of the first few questions?

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