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Stewart Orden Leading Trial Lawyer Cross Examination

Stewart Orden Leading Trial Lawyer Cross Examination

Trial Lawyer, Crimes, Cross examination,
Matrimonial; securities; white collar; civil litigation; corporate litigation; personal injury;
demonstrates his devastating skills.


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48 Comments - Leave a Comment
  • TheModernMonkey -

    i love the judge face trying not to laugh through this lol u no the judge and lawyer are drinking buddies lol jews are some bad mother fuckers look at em dice this dude up breaking this dudes ankles on the crossover lol stupid goy

  • allen D -

    and to think there are over 1 1/4 million lawyers in the united states. with their fancy clothes, their arrogance and their hair dos

  • Andrew H -

    Lol this guy is like those " karate" masters whose students all fly away with every strike. This grey haired qtip is a drop out of the actors guild…this isn't even believeable in a movie setting…

  • iamdebster -

    I don't think that everyone understands that this is fake.  Do you really think a judge would allow the gallery to laugh and drink in his courtroom during an actual trial?!  Give me a break.

  • Ralph Mamea -

    Not the right answer the gun should removed all together cos that person holding the gun can physically defend himself and usedthe gun o shoot even you have skill to defend and remove the gun you never know what other person ability to defend himself

  • Dingo Egret -

    leading questions are so easy to deflect by just becoming a hostile witness "unable to answer" "i dont understand" "yes or no to what?" "answer that the the pressure was preventing discharge? how can i measure pressure with a yes or no". when he gets going with his theatrics i would take long pauses before answering to blow out his steam. i would eat these attorneys alive. look at watch?v=TA3Xy53hMMY to see how to take down these bozo lawyers

  • Socrates -

    Quite clever to ask if he would lie to save himself from a life sentence. You answer 'no' and everyone thinks you're lying and 'yes' wrecks your credibility.

  • Captain Silvester -

    What the fuck am i missing! Is this some kind of Mickey mouse trial? Clapping, applauding and laughing? Someone was killed you stupid fucks! This tape should be an example and given to every law school in the country! May the judge end up with cancer for allowing this!

  • Visceral -

    I can't believe the court still uses such fallacious methods to determine justice, we need lie detectors/truth serums, not this garbage. All the prosecutor did was logically show how improbable it was for the gun to fly up, be caught so as to be shot. He didn't even do a good job at showing how improbable that would be… and even if he had, that still wouldn't prove that the man is guilty. If he showed the slightest bit of emotion about her death, the jury wouldn't have voted guilty because there is no logic to the prosecutor's examination.

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